Friday, January 06, 2017

Back At It + Some Links

Welcome back! Happy 2017 everyone! I want to thank everyone who comes to this little space of mine on the WWW for all your encouragement and support over the years. I've been writing this blog since March of 2006. I can't believe I have kept it up for so long. Some of you have been here since the beginning which is quite incredible to think about. Things have come and gone on the web but I can't say this blog has changed too much. That might be bad for some but for me "I'm okay with that." So many people who were blogging many years ago have given it up. I understand that because it takes a lot of time but for me, I'm still interested in doing it and keeping a conversation going. Thank you all for popping in and reading and commenting. 

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are ready for whatever 2017 has to throw at all of us. We had a lovely time this holiday season - visiting family and friends, seeing some things in NYC and Boston and also doing a lot of nesting at home. The weather has been cold, then warm, now cold again. We've had snow many times. It's winter in western Massachusetts.

Julia is back at school. The Farmer is getting the barn ready for lambs (February this year). I'm settling back into a routine. I must admit it took me a few days to get back into it this week. It always does. I hadn't been in my studio in a couple weeks. When I got back into it a couple days ago, I realized how much I missed it. It's my own special space (except when I share it with students) and I really just feel more creative there. It's not that I don't love the rest of our house - it's just that that space is mine only and no matter how messy it is - it feels so welcoming to me.

Every year, I hear about people making "New Year Resolutions." I remember trying to do that when I was a teenager - making a list of things that I certainly would never accomplish. As I have gotten older, I have realized that that practice doesn't work for me one bit. So I don't even attempt it. 

What I did do is write a list of some of the things I would like to accomplish this year. Besides finishing up my next book, I want to paint more. I would love to do a daily painting challenge (do you know Jennifer Orkin Lewis's work?) but I know I don't have the time for it right now. Book deadlines first. I will try to do some more quick paintings though. 

I also want to work more on surface pattern designing on my computer. I've never had much time to spend on it but I have the basics down. Last spring I took Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp on-line class and it was helpful and a refresher for what I already knew. I just signed up to take a class on SkillShare called Watercolor for Surface Pattern Design. We'll see how that goes. 

Other things I am hoping to continue doing are blogging, making pottery, making things to sell in my on-line shop and who knows what else. And I have to think about what kinds of classes I want to run here at the farm this year.

Do you have anything plans and dreams, hopes and desires for your upcoming year? 

Here are some interesting links I think you might like - it is a bit esoteric but so am I in my interests. 

•My Farmer has watched all the Lambing Live Shows from the BBC on YouTube. It is a great show and as we say - only the Brits would make such a show. He is sad that he is done with them but as he says "We'll have our own Lambing Live soon." I haven't had a chance to watch them all but I have listened as I have been cooking and washing dishes. 

Jennifer Edwards - Knitter and Artist - is doing a new newsletter called An Artful Lifeline. I have signed up and look forward to what she has to say. 

Salley Mavor (of Wee Folk Studio) is adding a political slant to her work. I'm interested in where it will take her. She is a brave woman to put her political views out there - I think she will gain a lot of followers (and lose many too). Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes. Go Salley!

•Spoonflower has a new series on their blog called 12 Days of Design. It is good. Videos and brief instruction with links to help you learn.

Macy's is closing 68 stores and laying off 10,000 people. (Sign of the times?)

Thanks so much for reading everyone. I wish you the best for 2017.


Pammie said...

I always like seeing what you're up to, Kristin. I'm like you about resolutions, and there are so many things I want to do and try. Thank you for another inspiring blog post.

Michele in Maine said...

I know it's so much work for the Farmer (and you!), but I always look forward to your lambing season!

And I'm with you on resolutions - they just don't work. I am going to try to get into some painting again, as I've been getting inspired from a small craft gallery I've been working in lately. I'm also hoping to finish more knitting projects (and start fewer of them!). But we'll see how that goes!

Stay cozy!

Auntie Shan said...


..2017..? Already..? Been too busy SHOVELLING every other day!! And those yoyo temps have been more of a hinderance than help! Thankfully my Neighbour across the road has snowblown the "plowpoop" for me a couple of times or else I'd still be OUT there and not "here"! - My SHOVEL does NOT come with WIFI! ..or a LIGHTSABER... ;-[
I've barely had the time to even LOOK at, let alone touch my Needles & Hooks! Although, I did manage to "escape" long enough to sneak on over to a YARN-SALE! And come away with a few DOZEN balls of wool...

Anyhoo, glad to hear that Everyone had a good Holiday! You Guys DESERVE it!

February, eh? That should be "fun"! - Try not to "eat" the ones born on the 1st... ;-D [a "clue"!]


Louise CF said...

I think I've told you Kristin that you were the first person to ever tell me about blogging. It was such a new and exciting concept. So cutting-edge and I've enjoyed reading you ever since! Happy new year, xo

Jennifer Edwards said...

Thank you so very much Kristin, for linking to my new Artful Lifeline... that is so very kind! You have long been an inspiration to me as a multi-disciplinary artist. I always enjoy your newsletter and blog posts! Have a beautiful 2017!

fracksmom said...

Love your blog. Having been reading it for at least 7 yrs. I plan on learning to spin.

Esther said...

I learned about your blog a number of years ago by reading Susan B Anderson's blog. I can't remember the year, but up until then, I had no idea that knitting related blogs were such a "thing"! Yours is so rich with all the interests and responsibilities that you have and I've been a loyal reader ever since, looking forward to each new post. I can't thank you enough for sharing your life experiences so genuinely. As far as resolutions go, I'm old enough to know that this doesn't work for me. I'm a new grandma, so I know that a lot of my energy and attention will revolve around our precious little one who lives close by. An idea I gleaned from others is to try to select a word for the year that might inspire daily choices. I've chosen the word, Kindness. I fear that it is going to be in short supply and I know that the simplest kindness that comes my direction makes my day. I hope to do that for others and perhaps there will be a few more gentle people in my midst. Wishing you and your family an abundance of good things in 2017.

Sally said...

Happy New Year, Kristin! And thanks for the Salley Mavor tip. I've always been a fan but haven't read her blog. Just had a peek, and I LOVE IT!

Amy said...

Happy New Year, Kristin! I for one am very glad that you continue to blog. I always find your stories, pictures and links wonderful. In fact, one of the things I'd like to accomplish in 2017 is find a way to attend one of your weekend retreats, if you are holding any!

Beth in Maryland said...

Thanks for the Salley Mavor link, Kristin - I will definitely be following this, it's an amazing effort. And thanks for keeping up the blog tradition and for sharing your artistic eye with us. It adds a much-needed dimension to life!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back, and Happy 2017 to you and your family as well! I love the link to the British YouTube lambing videos! We no longer have sheep, but we have a bunch of dairy goats, and it's nice to get ready for the big events with some video.

I also do not make resolutions, but try to think in general terms about what I might like to focus on in the new year. It's all good, we do what we can!

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