Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thought Process + Some Links

I have been typing away all week on the keyboard of my computer working on the re-writes for my editor. It is a slog. Many years ago, I read a quote from Patricia Wells, one of my fave cookbook authors. She said something about you have to just sit there and do it because if you don't, it will not get done. As my Farmer says, half the battle of success is just showing up. (BTW, it looks like PW has her 15th cookbook coming out in March.)

So this week I am planted on my butt and showing up. I'm hoping I can finish by end of next week. Fingers crossed. 

I have a little ritual I do when I write. After I finish a section, I get up and walk around. Maybe put a load of wash in. Then I check my email (I have noone to talk to) and see if anything looks interesting. I get a lot of newsletters and don't read most of them but once in a while something will look intriguing. The other day I read HonestlyWTF and saw this in the side bar. 

Kind of stopped me in my tracks and I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I went to a website for an Italian furniture company called Cappellinin and then found this. 

A different version of the same chair but painted and covered in a kind of dappled, daubed, stippled fabric and paint treatment on the wood. Then I found this short video. Very mesmerizing. This would be easy to do but the choice of colors would be key.

Later on in the day, a post about Bradley Walker Tomlin came in and I couldn't help but think his work looked like the fabric. 

I thought about other special chairs I had seen in my life. Do you know about Orkney Chairs? Amazing to think they are woven out of straw harvested on the Island of Orkney. 

I found a video of the weaving process. A little tedious to watch but skip through it. 

I will continue keeping myself planted - working on this book on pattern. I hope you all are having a good January. It was 55 degrees here today and on Saturday it is going to be 7. Lots of very nasty slippery ice. Sounds like lots of crazy weather all over the country. Stay safe. 


Kate M. said...

Thank you for the video - isn't it wonderful to find people who are expert craftspeople and who love what they do. Inspiring! (As are you, dear Kristin!)

Auntie Shan said...

I knew there was a reason why I like you! - I usually answer to "PRINCESS-POSTAL-PROCRASTINATOR" myself... I suppose we'll have to start calling you "PRINCESS-PUBLISHING-PROCRASTINATOR"..? - whatever. WELCOME to "THE CLUB"! :-D

Anyhoo... So. THAT Chair... As much as I enjoy Colour as you do, it's still a bit over-the-top for me!! Even if it were plain, I find that particular *style* to be "overwhelming"... [If DISNEY produced a Furniture Line...] However, the actual CARVING bits are a work of art, although better suited for "FRAMES". It must be a nightmare to upholster! - Then again, it could be interesting in Leather or with a bit of Cane..?

Meanwhile, spent the afternoon chopping... Our temps didn't go quite so high as yours, but enough to cover our "glaciers" with a skid-layer of meltwater! Gonna be plummetting again tomorrow... This neverending freeze-thaw cycle every few days is becoming a pain!

okay. "Break-time" is over! Get back to your "EPIC"!

marcia Love said...

Love all the links you post. The Internet is indeed a marvel when we can constantly learn and visit things we'd never otherwise know.
Many thanks,

Mary Lou said...

Those Orkney chairs!!! Love them.

Jules Madden said...

Yes! I love that- just show up and do the work. And I also had a giggle at the rabbit hole of curiosity you went down into; that is so the thing I would do too! :) Good luck with the writing :)

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