Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Progress and Good Links

It's been 12 days since I last posted here. I've been struggling through my manuscript and am making good headway. Although I wanted to turn it in last week, life got in the way. I am pretty sure it will be done by this Friday. Today I have been re-reading the changes and making more corrections. I am up to page 40 of 187 pages which is good progress.

Today we had a snow/sleet storm. It has been an odd winter with very cold then very warm and now cold and messy again. We are about 10 days off from the start of lambing. Another reason to get this manuscript behind me. 

I've got some interesting links for you today. 

• I love that knitting made the cover of Sunday's NYT. Check it out here on MDK. Whatever your politics, that is an incredible scene of pink hand-knit hats. 

• Very much liked this from Jen Edwards about why creativity is so important.

• If I were to travel to Scandinavia, I would be sure to visit the home of Carl and Karin Larsson here. Watch a short film from 1916 of the Larsson family here

• I like this story about Lady Isabella Hertford's DIY addition to her chinoisserie wallpaper - she added cut-out pages for an original John James Audubon bird book back in 1800's.  

• This 20 minute radio interview with Rachel Maddow on how to consume news in this topsy-turvy world. Interesting.

One of the reasons I'm not designing handknits anymore is because I really don't have much else I want to add to the conversation. When you have a long career and you have a certain style, you just keep repeating yourself. For me, I just couldn't do it anymore. Today I got a couple messages via Ravelry and discovered that one of my designs from the late 80's was featured in the current Classic Elite web-letter here. Nice that they are still pushing the design considering all the "icelandic yoke sweaters" that folks are making again. There are 600 designs on Ravelry. Nothing is new but we all know that, right? Classic designs reappear again and again. Just ask Meg Swansen. See the original pattern here on Patternfish including kids sizing. Still looks good and current. I think it is time for a mohair revival. 


Monica said...

Thanks for the links! I knit 6 hats for the march, all worn in DC. It was truly a sight! Your throwback sweater pattern looks like it would be a great selfish knitting project for me :)

Robin said...

It was fun to see your sweater on Ravelry pop up in the pattern section for items that are "hot right now". I hope the rest of the book editing goes well. I can't wait to see the new book (even thought I know in fact that I will be waiting).


Maria Hanson said...

I knit several sweaters with La Gran in the 1980's. And several of your patterns. Fun to see!

Auntie Shan said...

So. Is it just me, or doesn't THAT-GUY-IN-THE-SWEATER look an lot like MARK..?? ;-} #justsaying
Then again, we've all been down with stomach "flu" for the last few days, so my cognitive skills are somewhat off...

Anyhoo, it's still a great pic and your Design, CLASSIC!

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