Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mud Season is Coming

We are expecting a warm-up this week and all this snow is going to turn into mud. This is my least favorite time at the barns - mud season. The other night I woke up after a nightmare of getting my boots stuck in the mud and not being able to move. It is actually a real situation that could happen. Here's hoping all the snow drains fast. Last year mud season was very short. We'll see this year. 

Mud season also brings sugaring season. There is a lot of activity in our hills surrounding us - maple farmers tapping trees and beginning to boil sap into maple syrup.

If you follow this blog through the year, you know that we practice rotational grazing with our sheep. Because the sheep are often put out onto pastures that haven't been grazed or mown in years, there are often burdocks and all kinds of brambles that get stuck in the wool. Hence, our sheep's wool really isn't good for much. 

We do use it for alternative uses though - like filling voids in the barn where cold air might get in. Or as the lambs have discovered - as a warm bed to sleep on. 

Hope you all are having a good week. 

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Auntie Shan said...

It shot up to a record breaking 53F [12C] up here earlier today! But it's suppose to plummet again tomorrow with freezing rain... I'm sure that you'll be getting a piece of both by Friday night and the weekend! If evaporation wins over rain in the next few days, you could get lucky with mud quota..? - [yeah. I know, "haha"!]
Stay DRY!