Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Before the Blizzard

Yes, I wrote blizzard. Her name was Stella and she landed here on March 14, 2107. Just when we thought we were on our way to spring, the biggest storm of the year arrives. I do not have pictures of Stella yet. I will try to take some of the aftermath of her but I've been too busy shoveling out. 

The day before Stella, I managed to get my camera out after chores at the barns and took some photos. The lamb above was born to a yearling. I guess her name should be Stella. 

We have lost count of the number of lambs there are but it is in excess of 200. Lots of chaos and not a lot of time or energy to blog. Here is a photo of the inside of the greenhouse barn. Those feeders on the left have to be filled twice a day to feed the mamas. It really is my least favorite part of chores - peeling the hay off the giant bales and carrying it down the alley to fill the feeders. 

Here are some really sweet photos of some of the lambs playing on the giant manure pile. They think it is a mountain and constantly climb, run and jump on it. Great fun. 

I'm waiting for my manuscript to come back from the copy editor the end of this week. I will review it and answer questions and then send it back. I think I will only see my book one more time before it goes to print. 

Our kitchen looks a little like the Peaceable Kingdom. It has weak lambs sleeping on wool, cats waiting for the snow to melt and Sadie recovering after being hit by a car. (She is mending nicely.) I really can't wait for spring to arrive so they can all go outside and I can establish some kind of order - although truthfully there is no "order" here at our farm. 

I'm sorry that posting has been slim on the blog. I just haven't felt the blogging mojo - perhaps it is the winter that never ends. I think it is a lot of things - including all the negativity that is dragging me (and you?) down on-line these days. I'm in a bit of a funk, not feeling a bit creative and just trying to get through it. This often happens to me at the completion of a big project - I have to find my footing again and move in a different direction. I'm thinking about classes to offer this coming season and if I don't get that organized, they won't happen. I may do a survey for you all to help me out with information on what you would like to see me teach.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you all are well. 


Deborah said...

That's amazing! The pictures of the lambs are wonderful.

Mary Lou Justason said...

I look at your site every 3-4 days to see what's new on the farm and am always happy to see what's up there. Thanks for making me happy.

Mary Lou Justason in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Cheryl Korytoski said...

Hi Kristin,
I know just what you mean! The world is more than its usual crazy these days. Sometimes I try ignore the negativity. Sometimes I get downright mad and start spouting off myself. All the craziness makes it hard to get into the creative mode.
Then I read your post, realize that it not unusual..the harsh reality is that the living is tough business....Thank goodness we have people like you who spark that little flame (can't wait to check out your new book!) and remind us that the world is, in fact, a beautiful place....especially Kristin's world.
So, we just have to see the beauty mixed in with all the crap (manure piles!), and wait for inspiration to strike!
Hugs to you!!
Cheryl K.

Pdx Citizen said...

Lamb pics are always welcome. Know what you mean about world negativity. Sometimes you need a break. Shut off whatever media is the problem and just take a break. Focus on something creative. Always makes me feel better, or at least gives me strength to face the crap. And no, the stinking crappy weather is no help at all. Think of sunflowers. :)

fracksmom said...

Hope you didn't get it too bad, and find happy sun and flowers very soon.

Auntie Shan said...

Poor Sadie! Hope the injuries weren't too serious..?
Anyhoo, glad you guys managed to "survive"! The main formation managed to stay just a tad south of us for most the time as it passed, so we really didn't get much during the day on Tuesday. Just a lot of blowing... However, a small portion stayed round overnight and gave us a minor smucking! About half a foot, but drifting to a foot & a half! Thankfully, my neighbour snowplowed most of it!
Meanwhile, every time I looked at the weather radar, I thought of you guys underneath it all... So, *NO* "apologies" for not "blogging"! I'm in AWE of your stamina as it is! - It really has been a *nasty* ALL over! So many "stupid" little things happening, inconvenient illnesses, WEATHER *always* getting IN the way of getting ANYthing "done"!! yeah, it's been a more crappier winter than most.
Personally, I'm "blaming" it on DISNEY for buying STAR WARS - [the "1st" Sign of THE APOCALYPSE!] - [we ALL *KNOW* what the "2nd" one was!] -
Silly of me, I know. But, it keeps me sane! mostly... sorta...


Joan Busby said...

Hang in there Kristin! Winter doldrums affect us all. Keep looking for those first spring flowers - that's what I'm doing and was cheered to see some bright purple crocuses yesterday on my walk..

Always enjoy your blog.. Thanks for writing.

Joan Busby

Michele in Maine said...

Hang in there, Kristin! You are through the worst of it I hope. I know exactly what you mean by the never ending negativity of the news. Every day is a new affront. Late night comedy shows help a tiny bit. Maybe you could record them and get a laugh when you need it. Those little lambkins on the manure pile are a riot! I'll bet it's warm. Keep the faith and blog when you can.

Robin said...

Your lamb pictures are charming. The negativity all around is tough and with all of the farm work, it's probably hard to rest in a way that will fill your creative well.

Take care and take care of yourself as best you can!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kristin. Love the lamb shots and any blogging you can get to. Helen

ellen kirkendall said...

This is a tough time of year, to be sure. The news from Washington seems worse every day. Between the two it's hard to keep going, let alone be cheerful and creative.

Adaliza said...

Good to hear from you and amazing to hear about the storm. For the past couple of years I have made a conscious decision to step back from the 24 hour media circus. I hear news in very short bulletins on the radio in my studio, so I'm in my creative little bubble with very little interest or knowledge of what's going on politically or economically in the world - amazing because I used to teach a politics based course to economics students!!! I'm sure your book will be awesome and worth all the hard work - you're an inspiration to us all. Take care and stay warm. Ax

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