Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Slowly Arriving

Spring is slowly coming to western Massachusetts. The daffodils have just begun and there are bits of little blue flowers sprinkled throughout the garden and lawn. It is a welcome sign because the winter was so long. The trees are budding and if we get some hot days, they will start to leaf out. 

The gray and white and brown of the fall and winter landscape have become tiresome. Seeing bits of color pop up adds a bit of optimism to my days. Springtime is overwhelming though because there is so much to be cleaned up around here. A little at a time, slowly, it will all get done. It is never manicured here at the farm like a suburban landscape and that is okay. Only so much I can do. 

I find myself looking forward to planting seeds in the ground and thinking about late summer sunflowers and zinnias and amaranth. But that is rushing the season as there is so much color to think about now and for the next few months. 

Sadie is feeling much better. She has lost a bit of movement in one of her back legs but all in all, her spirit is great and she is not too compromised. We and she are very lucky. I am still babying her with special food and she is now allowed in the house! Amazingly, she has adjusted very well to the house with no accidents without any training. She is huge and takes up a large part of any room when she is lying down. (If you missed it, she was hit by a car about 8 weeks ago.) Her job is still with the sheep, as is Beau's. Once the sheep are back here in our pastures, they will be on the job. 

We are waiting for the grass to grow and then all the sheep will be moved out hither and yon onto pastures until the grass stops growing in the fall. It is a big job moving them all and setting up the fence but slowly it will get done. 

I love this photo I took of some of the lambs running. They have such spirit. We won't be keeping all of this year's lambs. In fact, some are now at Green Meadows Farm in South Hamilton, MA and some are going to the farm program at Hampshire College next week. 

The Farmers Markets have begun again. From now until November, you can find our lamb on Saturdays at the Amherst Common Farmers Market and on Tuesdays at the Tuesday Farmers Market in Northampton. Both markets offer DOUBLE Snap Benefits which is an awesome program. 

If you are local, some of my pottery friends are hosting a big tour called the Asparagus Valley Potters Tour this weekend. Lefty's, a local small brewer has even made a special beer to celebrate the tour. Cool.)

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Auntie Shan said...

Our handful of Crocuses have come and gone... A bunch of "green" is sticking up, but nothing has really bloomed yet in the front garden. [Although some neighbours are having more luck] The temps are just beginning to stay on the slightly higher side. It actually got up to 80 on Thursday, but is down to 60ish again.
Still have to excavate under my woolens for the "summer" clothes!

Anyhoo, glad to see that Sadie is doing better! :-D
BTW, keep the breakables high up... #TailWag

Well, I've got the family's "taxes" to do and mail BY Monday... So if you don't hear from me for a while, I likely be catching up on my sleep, ACcounting balls of yarn...


Michele in Maine said...

Oh, I missed the news about Sadie! I'm so glad she is all right. March and April can be such tough months to get through here in New England even under the best of circumstances. It's nice that we are getting such cheery pops of color to keep our spirits up! Love the lamb races!

Mary Lou said...

May 1st tomorrow in Minnesota and there is a threat of snow on the bleeding hearts and squill. Sigh.

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