Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maine Getaway

After Julia graduated, she and I had a chance to visit our friend Sally at her home on an island in Maine. Unfortunately, The Farmer can't leave the farm and the animals but I take opportunities for trips whenever I can. It is a long ride Northeast, through Acadia, then down to the end of the peninsula to get to the ferry. After a 40 minute ferry ride, we ended up in my kind of heaven. Julia wasn't sure she wanted to leave home after the excitement of graduation but it turned out to be the perfect thing to do. It was a nice break and transition from the land of high school to the real world. We had a lovely time visiting with Sally and some other friends. The weather was rainy and foggy and chilly the first few days which is perfect Maine island weather. After a couple days, the sun broke through.

We ate pie that Sally made us. Sally is the most amazing baker of pies.

Sally's home and Sally herself have been very important to me in developing my own particular style. Sally is ten years older than me and has been in the textile, garment, and design world for her entire working life. I met her when I worked for Classic Elite Yarns. She designed sweaters for us - like this one, this one and this one. Sally is an amazing colorist as can be evidenced by those sweater designs I linked to. She runs her own company called Flatiron Workshop and sells blouses made in the USA to high end women's clothing boutiques.

Sally's aesthetic is one I aspire to and her influence has shaped my vision of what a house and home should be. I snapped a few photos of beautiful scenes from her home. Each little vignette is like a perfect curated still life. 

Every place your eyes set upon, there is a worthwhile thing or two or three to be inspired by.  

When I am visiting Sally, I feel so creative and inspired. I always bring my paints with me and it seems that I am always inspired by Sally's homes and collections. I began this painting of a "hexagon quilt design". I hope I get a chance to finish it before the inspiration fades. 

Over the years, Sally has introduced me to many things. Here are a few gems in the form of links that I would like to share with you today. 

Sally's friend Glyn Boyd Hart who I had the good fortune to meet before he passed away. He was an illustrator and artist who lived in London. 
Gaudy Welsh ceramics
Charleston - the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant - Sally and I visited there in the late 90's
Christopher Dresser
Gouda Pottery from Holland
The artist Sonia Delaunay
Friends Yola and George

On the last night we were in Maine, we were treated to the most remarkable sunset. It's good to be home but I cannot wait to return again to that beautiful island home in Maine.


Michele in Maine said...

How wonderful! Wondering if this is Swan's Island (one of my favorite places). I'm glad you had a nice mix of weather! The sunsets have been gorgeous here lately.

Auntie Shan said...

That PIE looked like it just escaped from a page of "COUNTRY LIVING"! yum! :-D I'm surprised that those Squirrels didn't walk off with it!

I LOVE that WALKING-STICKS COLLECTION!! Not to mention their STAND! I'll bet there're some interesting tales connected to those.

BTW, thanks for those LINKS to the POTTERY... They were great VISUAL references! Hopefully, one day, I manage to come across some..?!

I'm glad you two had a chance to "get away" for a bit! Hope the ferry-crossing wasn't too rough. Sally's place definitely looks like it was worth the "journey"!


tjf said...

I haven't commented on here for a long time! Congratulations to Julia on graduating! What a fantastic accomplishment for her and you. :) I am glad she had so many people who helped her on her way and kudos to you for recognizing them.

Also, I wanted to let you know, even though I don't comment often, I love that you still blog - instagram is not the same for me. I enjoy seeing and reading about your farm, family, animals, and projects. You give me things to think about and to be inspired by. You introduce me to people and art and books and places I've not seen before.

I very much appreciate you and maybe someday, I'll get to come to one of your creative camps and meet you in person. (I'm hoping!)

Take care,

HITESH said...

Thank you, you are so awesome to share this

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