Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Life, Webs Podcast + Creative Retreats Spaces Available

Thanks everyone for the lovely messages you sent to Julia for her graduation on this post. We loved them all. You all have been so supportive of me and my family since I started this blog in 2006. Hard to believe I've been writing here since then! ..... Over 11 years. I don't often celebrate blog anniversaries - mostly because I forget them. I so appreciate the kind notes and comments I have received over the years. The blog world has changed so much. Not too many people keep up personal blogs like this one but I find it rewarding and a way to keep in touch with many folks and to also document the seasons here at our farm. It seems that so many bloggers just post to Instagram or Facebook now. I understand that because it takes up a lot of time to write, format and photograph things for the blog. I appreciate you reading and commenting when you have the chance.

An update - I was on the Webs Yarn Podcast - you can listen to it here. On the podcast, I talk about the Creative Retreats I have been running here at our farm since 2009. 

If you are thinking of coming to a Creative Retreat this year, I would sign up soon. I'm down to only 3 and 4 spaces available for each retreat. You can learn more about them here

Small classes. Intimate setting. Sheep in the field outside. Lovely students and good food - Please come! 

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Leigh said...

Your classes sound like a lot of fun. Wish I were closer! Portland Oregon is a long drive. :) I really enjoy the combination of stitching and stamping the fabric.

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