Friday, September 08, 2017

A Visit to Boscobel + Make Do Collection of Andrew Baseman

Almost twenty years ago, I purchased this pitcher at an antique store. I fell in love with the blue and white color and the incised design. What really caught my eye though was the handle which had been repaired with metal staples painted white to match the ceramic color of the pitcher. 

Every year I have loved using this pitcher for summer flowers.

Fast forward a few years later or so, I read an article in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, where I was introduced to the "Make Do" world of Andrew Baseman. (Gee, I miss the old version of MS Living - do you?You can see that article from 2001 here. Andrew had collected antiques that were repaired with clever treatments. Wood and metal turned bases that were attached to glass stemware, ceramic pitchers repaired with metal staples, teapots with metal handles and knobs and platters and plates repaired with metal staples. I was intrigued by the clever way that someone had taken the time to repair these pieces so that they could still be used. 

I have been following Andrew's blog Past Imperfect for many years and learned that his collection would be displayed at Boscobel in Garrison, NY. This past August, Julia, Mom and I hopped in the car and visited Bosobel, a historic house built in the late 18th/early 19th century in NY. Boscobel has a fascinating history. The beautiful antique home was actually moved to a site right on the Hudson River in the mid 20th century. You can learn more about Boscobel here

Today, I am going to share with you this beautiful home. We had a fantastic tour guide who was funny and smart and let us in on many of the secrets to the home. Throughout the home, Andrew's  Make Do collection was placed on tables, mantles and sideboards. 

I was so happy to get to see this home and collection. In the basement of the home (the former kitchen), there is a second exhibit of more of Andrew Baseman's Make Do collection. I'll share close-ups of many of these soon. 

If you live close to Boscobel or are looking for an adventure, I highly suggest a visit to both the house and the exhibit. It is on until October 1. On September 22, Andrew will be doing a special presentation. More info here.

The view from the entrance to the house of the Hudson

Entrance hall

Wallpaper detail

Parlor fireplace detail

Dining Room

Make Dos in the pantry

Upstairs the bedrooms are a little less opulent but just as beautiful. There were many Make Dos scattered throughout.

This candlewicking bedspread was incredible.

Upstairs there was also a gorgeous library with a table loaded with pottery Make Dos.

I'll share more of the exhibit of Make Dos soon. 

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Auntie Shan said...

I LOVE your "TOURS"!

Not too mention your Pitcher!! SWEET FIND! - Its design "period" looks to match up with your house perfectly! Just the sort of crockery I'd expect to find in your kitchen back in the day...

Also, love those fireplace fret carvings as well. BTW, was that round cabinet stand [I so want one!] a genuine PHYFE? And that bedspread is incredible!

Anyhoo, hope your weather holds up well and doesn't get too freaky with IRMA leftovers! The coming week is "suppose" to be NICE up here, for a change. - I'll believe it WHEN it happens!

Meanwhile, have a GREAT weekend!

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