Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Scenes from our Farm + Ramblings

How are you all? It seems like ages since I paid attention to this space. I know that many of you come here just for the regularity of the scenes from our farm. I apologize for not being as active on this blog recently. Summer is a busy time on our farm and I just haven't felt the urge to post and share too much - not here nor FB or IG. I needed an internet break and so I took one this August. I'm just coming back to it here now. 

Julia enrolled in our local Greenfield Community College. It was a lot to figure out considering I haven't been to college since the 1980's. Boy have things changed. It is a big change for her and she is just trying a light load to see how she does. She has always had a lot of help through school and now it is on her to figure out how to get the help she needs. She is good at speaking up for herself. Fingers crossed.

I have my first publicity meeting this week for my upcoming book Crafting A Patterned Home. The book doesn't launch until next April 2018. It all seems so far away but I know the time will go quickly. I just looked at the "pages" for the last time and I am very happy with the way it all came out. Looking forward to holding it in my hands next year and sharing previews with you all closer to publication date. 

What am I doing in the meantime besides waiting for the new book to launch? It seems like I am always busy with something. Still doing the Tuesday Northampton Mass Farmers Market from 1:30 to 6:30. In a couple weeks, I have my last Creative Retreat of 2017 - it is a knitting/embroidery/afghan retreat and it is full. Yay! Should be fun.

I'm working towards my annual Holiday Open House - the date is still to be determined. I'm also thinking about opening my ceramic studio October 14/15 during a nationwide event called National Clay Week October 9th to 15th. I'm not sure if anyone would come but it would give me reason to work very hard making and firing new work. I am a total deadline driven person and it is time for me to impose some self-imposed deadlines otherwise I won't get anything done. That's the thing about being self-employed - it is up to me to make up the ideas and make it happen without letting life slip away and not accomplishing anything. 

My clay studio isn't very large. In fact it is mighty small. This past weekend I rearranged it all and bought some new cheap-o plastic shelves so I wouldn't trip over all the buckets and stuff all over the floor. I've purchased what I think is a winter's worth of clay and hope I get to use it all. I won't be able to use the studio in the winter because it isn't heated. I've got to crank out more work to decorate once the weather turns cold. 

The world seems to be so unsettled lately. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost so much in the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. There is not much I feel I can do to help being so far away. That is except donate money. And so I will. My sister Lynn lives just outside of Naples. This past few days has been full of worry for her safety. She made it through as did her cat but we are still waiting to hear more. Her cell phone is out of power and who knows when the electricity will come back on. At least she is safe. Prayers for everyone affected. 

Looking forward to sharing more here soon. Hope you all are safe and well. 


Deborah said...

That's such a cute little house to do your clay work in. It must be nice to have a little space just for you.

Auntie Shan said...

College... Already!? Where does the time go, huh?
Whatever. No worries! I'm sure that She'll do fine! :-D

Meanwhile, hope your Sister is doing okay too!
*HUGS* to Her! [And to You!]


Monica said...

I especially love all your sunflower photos, so gorgeous! Thanks for the update :)

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