Monday, November 06, 2017

Creating in the Pottery Studio

I've been working on decorating pottery for my upcoming Holiday Open House on December 2/3. (Would love to see some of you.) I threw a lot of mugs and vases on my pottery wheel and made lots of slab platters and trays this summer and fall in my refurbished shed AKA The Little Pottery Studio

Throwing and building the pots is actually the easy part. Decorating them all is quite a process. Each piece I make is completely different. I look at the shape of each pot and then paint several motifs on each one. Each piece needs to be bisque fired and then gloss fired. There is a reason handmade pottery is expensive. It is extremely time consuming.

I might be able to cut the time down on each piece of pottery if I developed a couple patterns and then just repeated them over and over. It sounds like a good idea except that it just doesn't work for me. I would die of the boredom. I really enjoy making each piece different even if it isn't as efficient. It would drive my mind mentally mad if I had to repeat one design over and over again. I guess I have ADD but you probably knew that. For me the enjoyment of making pottery is to see how each piece turns out - the colors, the motifs, the shapes. 

My studio is in a shambles. No time to pick up and so much to do. That's the way it is in November. And we are hosting Thanksgiving! Yikes. 


tjf said...

Kristin, I love that your pottery designs are all different! Although that makes it very hard to choose my favorites. :) They are all very beautiful.


Auntie Shan said...

Busy, much..?

Anyhoo, HOPING that you'll have GOOD *DRY* Weather for ALL of your "EVENTS" of the next few weeks!!

Stay WARM!

susan hemann said...

love your pottery, happy painting!

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