Friday, November 03, 2017


November has arrived. I don't know about you but it is always a shock when the leaves are almost gone from the trees and the landscape turns a shade of gray - almost overnight. We had some massive wind and rains here over the past week. (We didn't lose power but many people in this part of New England and beyond have been without for several days.) It has finally gotten cold - which is just about right for this time of year. When I go outside, I smell the scent of wood fires and decomposing leaves. Everything about this time of year causes changes. The time, the amount of time I spend outside, the thoughts about what I am going to do and accomplish this coming winter, the clothing I need to wear, getting the farmhouse ready for winter and the upcoming holiday season.....

BTW - I've set the dates for our 3rd Annual Holiday Open House - December 2 and 3. More info to come on that soon. Would love to see some of you here. 

On the farm, we will be shearing the sheep within the next couple weeks. It's a big job and I am dreading it. Kevin Ford is coming with his blade shears and he is bringing two other blade shearers with him. It will take two days. The good thing is we will know how many ewes we have going into winter. We have checked with our vet to make sure the sheep will be okay and she said they will be fine. The late shearing will help The Farmer see the body condition of the ewes easier than if they had a full fleeces. He will be able to adjust their feed if needed. Less wool on the ewes will also make it easier for the lambs that arrive in January to nurse from their mothers. 

I'm a bit nervous about being the only one to bag up all the wool. Anyone want to help? It's a long day and very physical but it is an experience you will never forget. Contact me through my email address kristinnicholas AT gmail DOT com.

Lately the mornings have been very foggy. The fog can put a damper on the mood around here but it sure is gorgeous. The photos in this post are from a few mornings here on the farm. When I look at them, they remind me of the colors in Scotland. It will take a while to get used to the new colors that are outside. By March I will be ready for them to be done. I'll just have to create with color inside while it is gray outside. 

I'm making some plans for winter making after the holiday season is over. Do you have any?


Patricia said...

I have moved from Maryland to Texas. This is my first fall here! If I were back east I honestly would fly up to help you.


Deborah said...

The pictures are beautiful. I wish I could see the shearing. I bet it's interesting. What do you do with all that wool?

marcia Love said...

The pictures are lovely. They really capture the changes in the light that happens in the Fall.
I think the pics would make lovely cards! I'd buy them!

Auntie Shan said...

I like the new Header. Your foggy photos are GREAT! Reminds me of some old British landscape paintings... :-D

yeah. It's suddenly CHILLY here too! Although, we probably didn't get as much rain as you - [we've been on the edges of the systems] - we did get enough to break ALL of our local records for this year! And some areas did get bad flooding again...
Hope the sheep don't get sheared too much! Don't want FROZEN LAMB *still* on the hoof! ;-} Also hope that you can get a few DRY days to get it done.

Well, I've got to get some sleep... My CRAFT SHOW starts in just over 6 hours!


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