Monday, February 10, 2020

Lamb Cuteness

Ever since I got a newer phone a couple summers ago I haven't been picking up my DSLR camera too often. It's big and bulky and isn't in my pocket. When I've been at the barn lately, I've only had my phone with me. Although it takes decent photos, I knew it wasn't doing justice to the cuteness of the lambs. I dug out my DSLR and then spent days looking for the lens that takes nice close-ups of the lambs. I finally found it. That's what happens when you have an Open House at your place! I put things away in safe places and then can't find them when I need them. I'm still looking for my extra battery - do not have any idea where that is. Maybe I will find it one day. 

At any rate, here are some nice photos of the lambs. It is amazing how fast they grow and change in their looks. The first ones were born just before New Year's Eve and lambing has been slower than normal. This morning there were 4 born. We are up to almost 70 which is much less than we normally have at the beginning of February. So many of the ewes are not quite a year old yet and they may not lamb this year or they may lamb as late as April.

We've had an unexpected snowstorm today. We were supposed to get an inch and now there is at least five. Makes it all look pretty. It is supposed to be very cold this week. 

Have a good week everyone and enjoy the lamb photos. As always, if you want to use these photos as screen savers or to paint a picture - that is fine with me. 

Look how huge this one is. It is a single (I can tell by the blue number on its side) and most likely a boy. 

If you haven't followed along during lambing season, you are probably wondering about the painted numbers and the stripes on the lambs and ewes. The number is the order the lamb was born in. Both the mamas and babies get the same number. If she had twins, the number is green; if she had singles, the number is blue. 

The stripe down the back gives the 2 week period the lamb was born. First 2 weeks it was blue. Second 2 weeks it was green. Now we are onto purple. 

The paint we use is a spray paint that washes out. Normally it fades away with the weather. By April, there is barely any colors on the sheep. 

This little lamb is not nearly as scared of me as some of the others. When I am taking photos, I always find it calmly staring at me. It is part Suffolk - I can tell because of the speckles on its face and legs. We have a cross-bred ram that has some Suffolk in him so some of the ewes have this speckling. 


Marlynne said...

Adorable Babies! I store my extra batteries in the Refrig?

Julia said...
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Cat said...

Oh, what absolute adorableness!!! Yes, you have ONE item you need, and POUF! No where to be found. In my case, it usually turns up few months later, when I am desperately searching for something else! Pbbt.


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