Sunday, February 09, 2020

Vivaciously Vibrant Vests from The World Knits Collection

Available on my website here
and on Ravelry here

Number 12 in The World Knits Collection are the Vivaciously Vibrant Vests.

The cut of the vest is simple - with squared armholes and very little shaping - except for the v-neckline. There are several different colorful textural stitches that can be combined in stripes with Fair Isle Charts.  

If you aren't afraid of steeking, there are directions as to how to work the pattern in the round. 

Sizing is written for 8 sizes from 22" (baby) to 50". I made a couple of these vests for my nieces when they were little. It's a perfect choice for kids who don't like to be encumbered with bulky clothing. 

Here's a photo we took of a woman in one of the vests. I love the Frieda Kahlo vibe. I wish it was in color to really show the patternwork but this is what I've got. 

Available on my website here

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