Thursday, July 20, 2006

On The Move

The baby chicks have finally gotten big enough to survive in the great big world. Two weeks ago, I moved them out of the mudroom into their "rotating chicken pen" in the pasture. At first they were scared but now they are into the routine of grazing the pasture and eating a bit of grain every morning. I'll keep them out there, hoping for the best, and then next fall move them into the real chicken pen where they can lay their eggs. Their pen was another wonderful anniversary present from The Farmer four years ago - he built it himself which meant a lot since his carpentry skills are seriously lacking. It is actually pretty big but it looks so lost out there in the landscape.

With some bits of company coming this summer, the mudroom needed a giant washdown. What would Martha say?


Anonymous said...

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MelissaKnits said...

Martha would say "Manservent, find someone to clean the mudroom, pronto!!"

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