Friday, August 14, 2009

Greenfield Free Harvest Supper

Lots of running around to Farmer’s Markets this week. It was a rather slow week at most of the markets. I’m thinking many families are on vacation since summer is coming to a close – sadly. We’re taking next week off from the markets to rejuvenate ourselves and take a breather.

The word around here is all the disappointment gardeners are experiencing because of the blight that is affecting tomato and potato crops. My tomatoes are fine (so far) even if they aren’t bearing too much yet. I check them daily to see if the blight has hit yet. So far, so good. We shall see…… Here is the first bit of my crop. Funny how the yellow ones always bear first.

This Sunday, August 16, 2009, is the 4th “Greenfield Free Harvest Supper.” Our Leyden Glen Farm donated some of our local lamb. If it goes as well as last year, the organizers expect to feed over 700 people on the Greenfield Town Common. (No, we didnt' donate enough lamb for everyone - that would take our entire supply for the year!) All of the food is donated by local farms and volunteers run the entire project. We are excited to be a very small part of it. You have to bring your own place setting, if you plan on attending.

On a good note, the sunflowers are growing! I’ve been weeding all week – trying to do a row a day. The crop won’t be as spectacular as usual but at least there will be a crop!


Turtle said...

i had missed news about the blight. Our potatoes did well...although they are the mysterious potatoes we have each year that we have never planted. Our tomatoes while healthy , like yours the fruit seems smaller, but lots of it. Taking what seems like along time to ripen, but better than previous years.

Patricia said...

Last year we didn't get any tomatoes, this year really looks like a bumper crop. Broccholi looking good and tastes great, lots of cucumbers and one kind I really don't like bitter. Mellons (water) seem to be doing really well and look forward to some of them. No corn. (not enough space to plant it) I really didn't think we would get anything as June and most of July was very cool and wet.

Sparks, MD

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

I've missed the Free Harvest Supper every year, darn it all. Are you and Julia and Mark going?

Also, I can't find information about this: Do we bring our own chairs as well as place settings?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen: I'm wondering if you know what the reasoning is behind the fact that it seems impossible to get an actual color card of any yarn company's product. When I did a lot of ndlpt, it was easy to buy color cards. I'm not that advanced a knitter, but do lots of crochet and I love playing with color. But it's very frustrating when I can't see in person how colors really work together. I'm sure the cards are not cheap to produce but I'd be happy to pay if I could only buy them somewhere. As it is, I have to go to my various LYSs and beg the owners to let me have the old cards rather than them just throwing them away. Unfortunately computer monitors can't be trusted.
Just wondering what your take on this is.
thanks for your time,

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