Monday, August 17, 2009

Greenfield's Community Free Harvest Supper

Sunday was Greenfield's Free Harvest Supper held on the Town Common smack dab in the center of town. The line snaked around the common. Diners were very patient, amazingly so in the intense heat.

Our lamb business, Leyden Glen Lamb, donated lamb meat. The organizers were expecting 700 or more people so obviously we couldn't donate enough for everyone. The chefs roasted it, cut it into small pieces and this lovely woman was passing it out to everyone waiting in line. What a surprise when I happened upon her.

This server was so enthusiastic and thrilled with giving out half ears of corn. He said it was his 4th Harvest Supper to volunteer at.

Diners have to bring their own plates, bowls, utensils and cups if they want to eat. The organizers try to make the event as trash free as possible. Here is the composting station for leftovers.

Many, many people are involved in putting this event together. Most of the meal features the vegetable bounty of our area, all donated by local farmers. Here's our friend Ervin's full plate.

Many of the restaurants in town donate their spaces for cooking in, including our friends at Hope and Olive. Here's Maggie and Evelyn, co-owners of H & O in Foster's Market's refrigerator truck doling out the various salads to the volunteer servers. They were lucky, considering the heat on Sunday.

Here's our friend Diane and her daughter Lorilei sitting at one of the packed tables enjoying their feast. Diane is a knitter, graphic artist, book designer and just so happens to be the moderator for the "Kristin Knits" page on Ravelry.

Our good friend Clara loves to make costumes. She frequently dresses up as an ear of corn and marches in the local agricultural parades. Clara also happens to be a knitter and a wonderful stitcher. On Sunday she turned herself into a pansy with her awesome homemade costume and passed out tomatoes and peaches as appetizers to all the people waiting in the line.

Maybe next year I'll get it together to help cook for this project. Normally we are away and have not even had the opportunity to attend. It sure was a fun late afternoon.


ellen said...

This is so lovely and heartwarming and, and, and, and and!!!! And, so delicious. I would love to live close to such a community.
Thank you for sharing this....and look at your lovely daughter.
I would have been first in line for that yummy lamb.

Anonymous said...

Whenever does Clara find the time to make costumes?!?


Sara said...

What a great community event! Great pictures and good people for participating. Love hometown goodness.

Janis said...

That looks like so much fun. We are still cooking up a storm with Leyden Glen Lamb. I am still posting everything we do with it at Rich and I were just talking about the fact that we are almost ready to visit you again for another lamb!

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