Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunflowers Finally Growing

It's been a really difficult year to be any kind of farmer. We had almost an entire month of solid rain and no sun during June and July. Our sunflower field was constantly under water. We planted, the seeds rotted, we planted again and the seeds rotted again. I was really doubtful there would be any flowers but I always have hope!

The rain finally stopped at the end of July and some of the seeds did germinate. This past week, The Farmer and I have been trying to get the weeds under control. It has been brutally hot. If you know me, you know how much I hate the heat. In fact, when I worked at the yarn company, I was always so thankful for my job in the summer because of the air conditioning.

Being a farmer, there is no escaping the heat. (And I am thankful for it because the heat sure does make plants grow.) I have been heading down to the field in the early morning and near dusk to weed a few rows every day. (Is it my imagination that even the field seems to be steamy and sweating in the photo below?)

Between The Farmer and me, the field is looking better and the plants should be able to grow and bloom in September like they always do! WIth the heat, the plants easily grow 6 inches in a day!

Don't forget my Sunflower / Knitting / Stitching Immersion Weekend September 19 and 20th. There are still a couple spaces left. Next week, I will reveal the project the students will be making during part of the weekend (if they so choose - there will be plenty of options). It promises to be a creative, delicious, beautiful and fun weekend all at the same time! And there will be sunflowers!


Joyce said...

Wow! 6 inches a day! It looks like you will get your sunflowers after all. I think I have one thing in my yard that grows that rapidly - it is a vine with these big purple flowers. My neighbor says it is called passion vine. It just moved over from the neighbors house and started growing like crazy. I kind of like it because in this hot, dry climate, (Las Vegas) it thrives-- the hotter, the better. I may just put a start of it by the fence in the back yard.

Turtle said...

it has been an interesting year for gardens. Ours has actually done better than the last 2 but then we don't know if it is the nicer summer or the combo of the new compost and raised beds. I love a field full of sunflowers, so glad they are now cooperating!

Kelley Hart said...

Can't wait to see those sunflowers leap and bound! You are wonderful farmers, to be persistent and work with mother nature the way you do!

Willow said...

Why is it that the weeds grow so well and the flowers struggle?

Here in the West, our gardens are so dry. Can't we share the rain evenly sometime?

Anonymous said...

As Willow says, our gardens are so dry. Here in the Seattle area (where it always rains) we've had the sunniest summer I can remember in the 50 years I've lived here. I wish we could share. i look forward to your gorgeous sunflower pics!

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