Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Here Comes the Sun......flowers!

Here it is - the day you have all been waiting for. The sunflowers are blooming!!!! This is the first sunflower of the season. What a proud little sunflower it is!

After all the continuous rain, planting, replanting, and weeding, they have finally grown big enough to beat out the weeds and start showing off. The warm weather of this past weekend didn't hurt. The day after the first sunflower came out, we were able to make a little bouquet.

Julia and I have been checking the field daily. Although she continually chides me for being obsessed with the first bloom, I think that she too was pretty happy to have a bouquet in her hands.

This variety is called "The Joker" and I bought the seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine. I just love this sunflower. It is a quick bloomer and has a branching growth pattern which means that I might get 10 blossoms off one plant. The extra fun thing is that within this one variety, the blooms are varied - multi-colored, plain yellow, some are fluffy, and some are not.

As you probably guessed, there are lots more to come!


fracksmom said...

beautiful, i look forward to more pictures.

Katrina said...

Mine weren't successful, likely because its my first attempt. I'm so glad yours are coming up so beautifully! Just gorgeous!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

OH YAY! I love seeing your Sunflowers!

Ellen Gormley said...

Do your sheep keep the Deer away? We have deer that eat our sunflowers, they will bend the stalks over and eat the blooms. I think we'll get at least one sunflower this year because it is planted very close to the house.

ellen said...

The photos of your sunflowers inspired us to order many seeds. We planted over 200 behind the house and they have been in bloom for weeks. Here in western Oregon, we have to supply them with water as we usually have no rain all summer long. I spend part of every morning just staring at the variety of colors and blooms. What a gift they have been.
Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

It's been Sunflower time in CO, for about a month or so, where they grow wild by the roadside, love them! And an occasional full field of them can be seen and it's always so pretty!

I don't know the proper name of this wild type but you can one here - NAAY:


Meliabella said...

My son's pre-school in Greenfield is studying sunflowers. Any chance you'll be selling these soon so I might bring a bunch in for Friday?

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