Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hey? What's All The Excitement About? A Pillow, Some Sunflowers?

The other night, after picking our first bouquet of sunflowers, I had Julia help me with a little photo shoot of the project the Sunflower/Knitting/Stitching Immersion students will be making on September 19th and 20th here at our farm. Although Julia thinks I am "the best photographer in the world" (gotta love a kid who thinks that, don't you?), it always takes me several tries to get a photo I like.

The light at the end of the day this time of year is quite spectacular. Julia, the little pillow, her bouquet, and I went outdoors to take advantage of the lovely light. I moved the pillow and bouquet around to several locations. The light kept changing and I kept trying to find a spot I liked. We were working on the little porch of the garden shed, when I heard Julia mumble something about the sheep. I turned and there they were.

We let them graze the lawn, knowing the dogs would get them back where they belonged.

There's been a big old haybale sitting next to the garden for mulch. I moved the pillow onto it. Look who thought it deserved some attention. Mr. Zoe Sophia, one of our tabby cats.

Further interest in the pillow came from Eeyore, the guard donkey.

Then they all figured out the pillow wasn't something they could eat so they lost interst. Me, I kept going - moving the pillow around. Finally, I think I settled on this photo on the porch, just as the light was starting to disappear for the day.

If you are coming to the class, you'll be learning all the techniques to finish this pillow. I still have room left, if you are up for an adventure.

p.s. Thanks to my students from the August "Get Stitched on the Farm Class." They suggested that everyone should actually make a project that would turn into something they could keep. I hope everyone likes this project.


Karen said...

The pillow is gorgeous!. I wish I wasn't so far away I would be at one of your weekends in a heartbeat, and it would most certainly be one that included sunflowers!

ellen said...

I would love to learn how to create such beauty.

fracksmom said...

i love the one with the cat. i'm going to paint it i will not sell it, but it just to beautiful not to borrow to create something from it. I hope you are not upset at me doing that. i so wish i lived on the east coast or had a job so i could come, maybe next Sept

Turtle said...

smiling at the photo shoot and your audience! so wish i could attend, beautiful! (and i need some girl craft time)

mascanlon said...

Oh I love the pillow. Wish I was closer, I'd be there in a minute. Maybe a pattern?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to come to class...aaah, if only. Have a great time!


Penny said...

i must take 50 photos for every one i think is "okay". the rapid fire option on my camera is my favourite setting ... the pillow is gorgeous and all the settings are great and i wish i really could attend so i hope to make a small shop purchase instead. lots of love for a successful weekend!

Catherine said...

The pillow is beautiful! Your pictures are stunning and inspirational!

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