Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FINALLY Available - Olympia's Knit + Crochet Felted Flowers and Leaves for PDF Download NOW!

Back a few months ago, I went a bit nutty knitting, crocheting and felting flowers and leaves out of my Julia Yarn. Then I dressed up last winter's bottle lamb Olympia in a Floral Lei made of the flowers and took some photos. I guess it was a long winter! Lots and lots of you ordered the postcards I printed up for which I was very thankful. But I also got a whole bunch of requests for the pattern for Olympia's Floral Lei. Never did I think that would happen. You guys always surprise me......

I have finally gotten it together to finish the pattern called Olympia's Knit + Crochet Felted Flowers. This one is a great pattern (if I do say so myself!). You will have hours of knitting and crocheting fun. I have included both knit and crochet flower and leaf patterns. You see, when I began the project I made the flowers in crochet. Knowing my customer base (mainly knitters), I knew I also had to work up several different knitted flowers. These flowers are not hard to knit. There are several fun, if a bit odd, knitting techniques to try. (I know how you all like to try something new!)

Best of all, Olympia's Flowers are great for summer "take along" knitting and crochet. Small, portable, and you'll be able to knit them even in the heat. In the pattern I have given you oodles of photographed ideas for how to use the flowers. Is 16 oodles? I think so. Sure took me a long time to make and photograph them. I will try to preview more of the ideas as we go along this week. Here's Julia wearing a flower in her hair.

Isn't she getting old? Oh my - twelve in 2 short weeks!!! Where has the time gone?

The pattern costs $6.00 and includes 42 photos (WOW - no wonder it took me so long to prepare this pattern) including 16 finished product shots. It is available here on my Shop Page. Here's one of the ideas for a flower corsage to wear on your winter coat when the depths of winter arrive again (and that time will roll around before you know it!). Holiday knitting too, don't you agree?

If you have never ordered things by PDF download it is such a great way for some instant gratification. Order via my website, pay via Paypal, and your pattern will be automatically sent to you no matter what time of the day or night, no matter if you live in the States or Overseas. It is just the coolest concept, don't you think? No waiting, no shipping, and you can print out only the pages you need.

If you "don't do Paypal" I will be happy to take an order via US Mail. Just print out my "printable order form" and write down the name of the pattern. When I get your check, I will email you the pattern. That's easy!

As always, I appreciate your support of my work. I have tried to price the pattern reasonably so it sells well. Less than two cups of cappucino and just a bit more than those fluffy coffee drinks I see people ordering at Starbucks. (I have never succumbed to one of them - I'm afraid it would be a slippery slope to addiction.)

If you like the pattern, please pass the word around. I'd love to see an "Olympia Flower Trend" happen. How do you I/we do that?

You can order the pattern on my SHOP PAGE HERE and learn all about the specifics of the pattern here. As always, my family and I thank you very much. And finally, if you really want to learn how to knit flowers (plus lots and lots more fun), come to my August 14/15 "Get Stitched on the Farm" class. You can read about that here.


Carla said...

The most important part is missing Olympia!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

What fun, fun, fun! I've already bought and downloaded and am going to check my stash of Julia colors!

emeselle said...

I love them! I think they'd look great on a pair of felted French Press slippers. And you're so right about the instant gratification of the .pdf download. We're so fortunate to have so many high-quality patterns to choose from online. Thanks for the ones you provide.

MicheleinMaine said...

Now we need to see a picture of the newly shorn Olympia!

My daughter turns 12 tomorrow. Teen-hood, watch out!

Marianne said...

I've just ordered your patterns and some cards. Thanks for all the hard work that went into providing the patterns.

I am a beginning knitter. Actually, I can't quite figure out how to knit. And, I generally can figure out just about anything (including keeping my sheep alive!). Can you tell me if any of your books are geared to the not-so-smart knitter? Should I buy the one meant for children? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Marianne in Western Oregon

Carrie said...

I just ordered your Olympia flower patterns and can't wait to get started. What spurred me to order was the beautiful lapel flower. In our dark Minnesota winters I can see those gracing the coats of all my family and friends. Thank you!

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