Monday, July 12, 2010

Studio Day Thirteen

Work has begun again on our studio/porch project, thank goodness. The first class is at the end of the month and panic (on my part) is setting in. Things have been really busy here and summer is flying by. Farmers Markets, shearing, cleaning up, planning new classes...... The list goes on and on. (By the way, there are still some spots left in the new August 14/15 class if you are interested. It is going to be a really great class.)

The building inspector gave us the go ahead for insulating the studio. That's all Kevin and Rory needed. They got right to work on the nasty job of insulating with fiberglass.

Here's the roof of the porch all neatly done.

Although the porch isn't going to be finished, thus the studs will be visible, one wall is rather unsightly. I'm going to have it covered up with 1 x 12 pine boards which I plan to whitewash. I decided I might as well insulate it in case I ever decide to finish the room off. You can see the door which leads into our messy kitchen.

The studio is going to be the tightest room in the house. It has foil covered insulation on the floor and the walls (which are both concrete).

Regular insulation is on the ceiling and the rest of the walls.

Next comes the sheetrock! Wow - it is really coming together! I'm really excited. Thank you Kevin.


Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Great! Looks like it will be finished just in time for me, John, and Lorelei to move in.

Just kidding! :D

mascanlon said...

It looks so beautiful even at this stage Kristin.

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