Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sheep Photos from Times Square via One of You!

Isn't this fun? Lynn, a blog reader from NYC sent me some great photos of the sheep in Times Square. The sheep almost look like they are dyed pink from the glow from all the lights in the city. 

Sadly, the sheep have left. It sounds like they were a huge hit. I wonder how they made it through the weather. Not sure if there were torrential rainstorms in NYC but up here, a paper sheep would have disintegrated and floated down our hill only to become a pile of pulp and a frame. Maybe they were covered at night?

Here's what Lynn wrote me....."Hard to take self portraits in the dark with a cell phone and still capture the sheep. Stopped by after a weekly meet up with the Spin City group (spinning folk of all skill levels, mostly on spindles since we're getting there by subway, plus some knitters and crocheters), this evening - thanks for telling us about it!  Kind of funny that I had to read about it on your blog... Realized that you wanted pix with a person, but unfortunately I couldn't take a self portrait and knit at the same time, and wasn't in the mood to ask a passing tourist for help with a snap."

Here is a link to Lynn's Flickr account. She is knows as mknits on Ravelry. 
Thanks so much Lynn! You are a sport! Awesome job.

You can read Kyu Seok Oh's Artist Statement here. Check out his website for more examples of his work. Wish more people in the fiber/knitting community had gotten on board with this one!


Claire said...

A short time ago - can't remember when exactly - we had a wool week here in the UK - basically to highlight the amazing qualities of pure wool especially from native British breeds. And as a part of this, Saville Row in London (where all the famous tailors are located) was converted into a field - with turf, fences and real sheep for one day.

Your post reminded me of this :)

India said...

Don't know if you've seen this:

Anonymous said...

I was jsut there. I took a couple of picturesof my neice with them. I was there after a very rainy day. They still looked great!

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