Friday, September 30, 2011

First Red Leaf

I fear autumn in western Massachusetts isn't going to be quite as colorific (is that a word?) as it usually is. With all the rain, lots of the trees' leaves are just shriveling up and falling off without much of a color display. I took a walk the other day and did find a couple maple leaves looking pretty. I usually come back with handfuls of leaves that I press between pages of books. It is so fun to open a book and find a leaf from a few years ago. I always remember what project I was doing when and where I picked up the leaf from.

The leaf on the road reminds me of this sock and mitten set from my book Color by Kristin

Don't forget about my One Day Fair Isle and Steeking Retreat on Friday October 14th (the day before Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool begins!). I promise when you leave, you will know how to knit with two colors and how to cut your knitting! Link on the sidebar at right. 

Back to the cleaning and the cooking for this weekend's class. I can't wait to meet everyone.

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Anonymous said...

what do you do with the dried leaves you find years later? Just what things can you do with dried leaves other than composting.


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