Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughts, 2012 Calendars, Me in Boston March 30th

Romney/Border Leicester cross lamb
Things on the farm, and in the farmhouse and studio are busy these days. New class schedule announced here (have you checked it out yet?) and even an official ad in the Spring Vogue Knitting Magazine....

Seriously wonder if anyone saw it in the back amongst all the other teeny weeny little ads. Wonder if it is a waste of cash. Did anyone out there notice it??? Just wondering. Does anyone subscribe to VK? I know I still do, but do you?

Lots of upcoming things happening which I can't speak of. "Tension builds, drama mounts....." Stay tuned..... you all will be the first to know when possible. What I can tell you is this.... I'll be in Boston (well, not exactly - Jamaica Plain, just outside Boston proper) on Friday evenng March 30th giving a talk at JP Knit N Stitch to help celebrate their anniversary. Check it out here.

Feeding time for mamas
I will be driving in that afternoon so if you want a western Mass-raised Leyden Glen Farm Leg of Lamb or a half leg for Easter or Passover, let me know and I will bring it that day. You need to pick it up that evening - I will have no place to store it. It will be frozen.
Price per pound is $12.00/lb.
Whole legs (limited quantity) - 5 to 7 lbs
Half legs - 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 lbs.
E-mail me ASAP if you want something held for your holiday meal at link on left sidebar.

Not sure if you all have noticed but on my right sidebar, there are two calendars for 2012 featuring photos of sheep, farm creatures and colorful flowers and pottery. Just a heads-up that they will be disappearing on March 23. If you would like them for your home, hit the buttons and they will down-load to your computer. You will have to print them out yourself, but seriously, what do you want for free?

Border Leicester and Romney cross mamas
If you would like to re-numerate me for the photography, writing, farming, knitting and yarn and things I share here, there's a "donate" button below. Every bit of money received will keep the good content coming (although today, I'm wondering what that good content is.)

The other day, someone told me I give away too much for free. That isn't exactly the way I think about it. My thoughts on giving the calendars away were this.... I know a lot of you are living in areas and in situations where you can't get to stores or out to purchase things. I take a lot of time taking my photos throughout the year for this blog and sharing my life. Placing these images on a calendar that you, my readers will enjoy for an entire year just makes me happy to think about. Our lives, our animals, the colors in our home and garden gracing the wall of your studio, your cubby, your kitchen - that is amazing. Thanks to Grace in Mexico for egging me on just when I wasn't going to do it this year. (Now go print it out if you have downloaded that file and it is sitting on your computer's desktop).

Cheviot cross lamb
As we all know that life is not free, as much as I wish it was. Almost everything costs someone somewhere something in some way - materials, equipment, cameras, fuel, computers, wear and tear, health insurance, time..... It is a point I am trying to teach Julia about when she thinks I do not work..... I tell her I do, it's just not a "normal job" where I go to an office, a school, a factory. It is a difficult thing to teach a 13 year old but very important, don't you agree? As she says "Where does your money come from then?" And I answer, "From the people who buy my books, buy my patterns and yarn, read my blog, buy our lamb meat." Oh, what a world we live in now. Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you.

It's been a while since Eeyore our Guard Donkey has graced the pages of this old blog so let's leave with a nice photo of him looking over his flock. Such a handsome boy he is.

Good day everyone!

Eeyore looking out for the sheep and lambs


meppybn said...

Love checking in each day to read your blog and no, I don't subscribe to VK anymore. Early last year I 'vowed' to only support indie designers, even though it's not economical on my part (i.e. 25-30 patterns for $8 as opposed to 1). I know you all work so hard to be self-supported and just want to come alongside. If I lived in Mass. I would buy your lamb (am from New Zealand and <3 <3 <3 lamb!!) So go ahead and shamelessly self-promote :)

Karen said...

I so enjoy your blog, Kristin! I mostly read Interweave Knits, as I have found over the years that they tend to have more designs that I enjoy and am likely to knit. Like meppybn, though, I am starting a shift to supporting independent designers as I want you and people like you to get the full benefit of your labor. (If I am mis-guided in my efforts, please let me know!) Thanks for explaining your challenges in explaining your work to your daughter. I still have trouble wrapping my head around that while trying to make similar things happen with my own income. Hard to make it happen when your mind has trouble getting past thinking you need to go somewhere other than home to make a living. Keep writing ~ I'm looking forward to reading!

JR said...

I don't subscribe to VK but usually end up picking it up ay my LYS, glad to know Spring is out I'll go looking for it. I've been meaning to get over to JP to check out JP Knits and vist some old haunts, now I have a reason but I niggling thought that something else is going on that night. We'll see. By the way Boston is a little odd in that people will speak of their neighborhood, JP, East Boston, Roslindale, as if it were a separate place but they are all parts of the city.

Auntie Shan said...

;-D THEY are **NEVER** too "Young" to LEARN about Finances!! And, "Economics"! Teaching Her about how to Budget, to weigh in on what's really *worth* having, etc. will be a Lesson that She *will* be grateful for Later in Life!

There's already a Generation & a Half that are beyond CLUELESS these days when it comes to Money.

And, btw, "Office" Work *ain't* all THAT glamorous! I did it for 30 years and do NOT "miss" it! Or, the Commuting, or "politics", or PaperCUTS! ;-D

sheepyhollow said...

The computer is my connection to the outside world. I appreciate ALL you do/offer. I left corporate America, to raise my kids. My husband started his own business & it's a struggle! I give-away lots, but I'm not 'famous', just love to share what I'm passionate about. Best wishes to your endeavors!

Heidi said...

Hi Kristin, I don't get VK anymore automatically, but I will sometimes buy it when I am in a store. When I was self-employed I always thought word of mouth was so much better than the "AD", and cheaper. There are 'business thoughts' from the 'mind stew' that seem to impel you to spend the money on the
AD. Since I am so into the money aspect this morning, hopefully, when I finish my taxes I will be able to spend some money on your class.

Patti said...

Your blog is something I look forward to receiving. Your honesty regarding the hard work it takes to run a farm, your designs, all what you do are interesting and educational for me.

Yes, I did see your advertisement in VK. I did not renew my VK subscription last year; if I see an issue that has a few patterns I like, I buy it - like I did yesterday. And, there you were! Your designs make me smile, and I was smiling at the end of the VK due to your ad. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

Elizabeth D said...

Hi, Kristin -- At your urging :) I tried to download the calendars. I get this message for both: "The file is damaged and could not be repaired." Sad face. . . love your colors!

Kristin Nicholas said...

From my friend Lori about the PDF download prob for Eliz D:


I just checked the condition of the PDFs that are up on the server, and they are unchanged and fine. The download from your blog page also worked OK for me, and produced a file identical to the one on the server - no errors.

If there was a glitch in your reader's internet connection as she was doing the download, that could explain why the file arrived damaged.

Each of you should completely clear the cache and history on your browser so neither of your computers has any recollection of the previous attempt, and then try clicking the download link again.

If that doesn't work, we can email the calendar file to her.

From KN: Isn't Lori brilliant? Hope this works. If not, as she said email me and I will send directly to you.

Jo in Beverly said...

I saw you ad in VK--it was no nice and bright, it couldn't help but catch my eye! I love your lamb, too--I'll need to get more the next time I visit my friends in Brattleboro.
PS--JP is part of Boston, people just get really specific about their neighborhoods there. If I still lived there I'd come see you!

Anonymous said...

Lori is brilliant.

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