Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Really Good

Found this site called SlideShare which lets you take a Power Point presentation and turn it into a slideshow on the web (private or public). There are lots of slideshows you can watch. I liked the one below. I will have to remember this when I have a new book come out. Nice way to preview and not have to learn much of a new technology.

Inspiration Squared
View more presentations from David Crandall

Has anyone used it or something similar and have an opinion to share?


Els said...

Thanks Kristin, lovely words !

Anonymous said...

I use slideshare for work. Search on "Presentation Zen" for presentations on how to build slideshows that will help the world conquer death by powerpoint! Great site to learn and share.

Regards from Paula

Kieren Dutcher said...

These are great, thanks for sharing!

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