Friday, August 03, 2012

Sunday on our Road - Alicia Hunsicker Open Studio

My neighbor Alicia is a fine artist specializing in oils. Her work has a mystical quality to it. I have watched Alicia's style morph and grow over the past 12 years that we have lived across from each other. Her attention to detail, shading, translucence is amazing. We are both artists - each working in different disciplines. And we are both moms juggling work and mothering two amazing kids - my Julia and Alicia's eleven year old Ben.

Kaboom by Alicia Hunsicker
Alicia is constantly looking for learning opportunities to help her work grow. She doesn't let her lack of money stop her. I find this so refreshing. Bad economy - she doesn't let that get her down. A couple years ago she went on a trip to China and presented her "eye project."

Alicia Hunsicker Eye Portrait

This year, she has been invited to an artist residency in Austria. She has to raise the funds for the travel. Alicia is fearless - something I wish I was more sometimes. She has started a "kickstarter" campaign to raise her travel expenses. And on Sunday she is hosting an open studio.

Need something to do on a gorgeous summer Sunday afternoon. Take a ride to our road here in Leyden. Visit Alicia's studio and stop over at our Lamb Shack and pick up some frozen grass fed lamb. Directions are here. I'll be around if you want to say hi.

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