Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Getting Stitched Farm Retreat 2012

I'm recuperating from the "Getting Stitched on the Farm" Two Day Retreat. The teaching is the easy part. What is tough for me is all the prep work. Cleaning the house, cooking the meals, getting everything organized and hoping that I don't forget something. Getting the old farmhouse to look presentable considering there are 3 paper piling packrats living here is tough but I got it done. (I hope I can find all that stuff I hid!)

During the weekend, I try really hard to share our house, my collections, my experiences, to help the students start to see color differently and confidently. Having a class here at the farm is such a total experience as compared to a hotel room class. We have beautiful light, good food, farm animals, and the books, art and collections that cannot be transported to a hotel room with fluorescent lights and generic carpeting. It is a total farm, knitting, color experience.

This year's group came from as far away as Colorado! Wow. The first day I introduced the women to learning how to develop their own color sense. 

Really looking at the flowers from my garden helped them to design their very own colorways. We learned about color values and the colorwheel and I tried to instill in them confidence for choosing their own color combinations.


Then we learned the basics of embroidering on knits.

On Sunday, they worked up their courage enough to sew and cut a steek! And they all couldn't believe how easy it was to do.

They were obsessed with the embroidery techniques they learned and didn't want to stop!

By Sunday afternoon, everyone had to part ways. I hope I see them all again one day! What a great group of adventuresome knitters. Thanks for coming Karen, Eileen, Cherie and Brenda. Look at those proud, smiling faces - I love it!


Cherie M in Estes said...

Kristin, Everything was perfect! I had a wonderful time and returned home (at 9:00 pm Mountain Time Monday night) a bit tired but eager to tackle more of your projects. Brenda, Eileen and Karen I loved getting to know you. I hope things went well yesterday, Karen. Happpy B'day, Eileen. I urge anyone who has a chance to join you on the farm. Kristin makes everyone feel comfortable with working fair isle, working embroidery on it and even cutting steeks! If you have the chance to go, stay at The House on the Hill. Donna made us completely comfortable there. Oh, Kristin, if you have a chance to post squash soup, farro, and couscous recipes here, I for one will jump at the chance to duplicate your delicious fare. Kristin, you are a love. Many thanks to you, Mark and Julia for sharing your home and yourselves. Cherie

Auntea said...

What a wonderful time, I wish I could have been there.

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

Ohhh how wonderful. And such nice things they all knitted!!! I wish I was there - but your book help me each and every day!!!!!

Lee said...

Oh, I remember taking that class last November. Every bit of your effort pays off, Kristen, because the immersion experience of your home, studio and work are eye-opening. And fun!

Knitting Needle Conversion Charts said...

The embroidery techniques they are really fascinating! At their age, they were still obsessed with embroidery. Well, I do agree that it is addictive and we can't blame them. Wonderful.:)

Unknown said...

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