Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Taping Day Two at Knit and Crochet Now in Detroit

I've just finished up my taping schedule for the next season of Knit and Crochet Now. I taped 6 shows that will air sometime in 2014. The taping went fine - with the usual trip-ups and snags. The new projects look really nice. I'll let you all know when they begin airing. Here I am with Brett on the set. Sorry about the awful phone photos. Not sure what I did wrong!

For this taping, they changed up the colors of the set and a little of the decoration. On one wall, we hung a gorgeous quilt made by one of the crew's sister-in-laws. Her name is Claire and unfortunately I lost her last name. The quilt looked so pretty on the wall.

I was so busy today I didn't have time to snap many photos. Here is the crew in the control room. 

And here is more of the crew.

Here is what it looks like when they are taping - 4 cameras are on all the time so they can pick and choose the camera angles when they edit the film. It is a fascinating process.

Here we are out to dinner last night. At the table is Sandi Rosner, Amy Herzog, Marly Bird, Candi Jensen and me. Taking the photo was Ellen Gormley. 

Fun and fast trip. I'm heading home now. They have WIFI at the Detroit Airport for FREE now!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog every day! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Jennifer Essad said...

Hi Kristin my favorite color is:

I'm from Michigan-glad you taped in Detroit, I truly miss living in Michigan-the seasons are beautiful there-my info:


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