Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How is Your Summer Going?

Good morning all. We've been busy here trying to fit everything in and I haven't had spare time to be blogging. Hope you all understand. Julia has a couple more weeks off and we will be out and about, doing farmers markets, visiting family and friends - just what summer is about. 

Julia turned 16 in July and I can't believe how fast those years have gone. We have celebrated several times - one of the perks of being an only and having a summer birthday!

We have launched 9 beautiful little kittens into the world, finding them great homes. So sorry to see them go!


Julia has met Derek Hough TWICE. What a sweet man.

I've been back and forth to Detroit PBS to tape Season Six of Knit and Crochet Now. Fun trip!  I think the new season will launch in February.

I've been doing a lot of Crewel Embroidery - fitting it in with my travels. Here are a couple of progress shots on a colorful piece I am working on now.

I've got a very small class happening this Saturday on Fabric Printing. Should be fun and creative. I'll try to take some photos of the work we do. I'll be back more in the fall to this space - for now I have to enjoy the couple of short weeks before the chaos of normal life begins again! You can catch up with me on Instagram where I've been posting shots of kittens, flowers, and whatever else it is I find inspiring. I hope you too are enjoying your summer.


Auntie Shan said...

hmm... "TWICE", huh? Soo... They're like "dating" now..?


knitterbeader said...
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knitterbeader said...

Your daughter is growing up fast and quite the young lady. Glad she's been able to meet Derek, as he seems like such a nice young man.
Your kitten pictures are so cute.
Keep up your beautiful colorwork!

mn_bird said...

I wish, wish, wish I could be at the fabric painting class. I hope it goes well!

Adaliza said...

Happy Birthday, Julia. I still love the yarn your Mum named after you! I think you should party till the end of the year and then start planning your 17th birthday celebrations. Glad you're all having fun in the sun this summer.

Lisa Smith said...

Kristin, thank you for sharing your family pictures with us. The one of the three of you is so nice, and it's amazing to see how grown up Julia has become!

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