Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cuteness Ten Fold

Lots more lamb photos today. It has been bright and sunny and this whole week it is going to be nice and warm. The little lambs love to sun themselves. 
This set of twins is just a day old. They are still following their mama closely. I love to watch them run on their spindly little legs. 
We are up to 99 lambs. I'm hoping lots more will be born during this warm spell. We never know when the weather will change and we will face below zero temps and snow and ice. So far, so good though this year. 
We're hoping it won't warm up too much though because then the mud will happen and that makes everything so much messier. 
Some of the lambs are getting rather large and they are starting to hang out together on one of the mounds in the field. They run and jump. The Lamb Races are starting too and I will try to get a new video of it if I can. 
As if all the lamb cuteness weren't enough, Petunia has a litter of 4 kittens. This litter has been so much fun - all cuddly and sweet. Serious snuggling with all of them. I'm sharing some of my favorite photos of them here. They are all spoken for and I am sure they are going to be awesome cats when they grow up. 
The other day I said to Julia - "I hope when you grow up and move away you remember all of this." As a kid, I would have loved to be surrounded by kittens, puppies and lambs. I'm not sure she is thrilled by any of it - except the kittens. She calls herself The Catfarmer and is just crazy about them all. And I'm pretty positive she just thinks this is the way everyone lives. 


Auntie Shan said...

hmm... "CatFarmer", huh? ;-D
And does the Mistress of Meow "till" the Litter - [The other reason why I'm not a Cat Person] - Box, too..? Or, is that still the domain of the Madame de Mutton?

Anyhoo, hope you actually do get that warmer weather. Was upper 30s here yesterday, but it's dropped sharply again today. Mostly from WINDCHILL! But, the Sun *was* OUT!

Frances said...

Kristin, it's grand that all those lambs arrived during a warm January time. They are adorable!

As for the kittens...they define adorable. I've never had any kitten or cat as a pet, although I clearly remember my five-year-old self clipping pictures of kittens out of 1950 magazines, and hoping that somehow those photographs would magically transform themselves into actual kittens.


Pam said...

You weren't kidding about the cuteness! Almost too much to handle! I see lots of cuddles in your future!

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Cuteness indeed!

I am sure Julia will remember all of this fondly. I wondered the same about my kids and it wasn't until they were launched from the farm that they began to voice to me how blessed they were to have grown up on a farm. They also recognize that they are different from a lot of people-they have a unique view of the world and their place in it. My daughter who is abroad, called home a couple of weeks ago saying she is craving some time with farmers. Farm life teaches us so much about the value of work, the preciousness of new life, the importance of dignity in death, and to never take anything for granted. She will carry all this with her and she will remember.

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