Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our Farmhouse in Country Home 2016

Way back in 2004 when print magazines abounded, our home was featured in one of my favorite magazines called Country Home. It was so exciting to see our place in print - including being featured on the cover. 

Our house on the cover of Country Home in 2004
Now in 2016, magazines are folding left and right. I don't know about you but I really miss getting magazines in my mailbox. In the evening I would sit and savor the pages and learn about the homes featured. The internet is fine but there is something about having pages to turn. I find it so much easier to really inspect a home on paper vs the screen. 

Last September, a photo crew arrived from the NEW Country Home to shoot our home once again. This new version of Country Home is a yearly magazine with very little advertising. It features about 15 homes and each place is given a lot of pages. 

Here is a little 3 second video preview for you. 

You can find the magazine on the news stand and at Barnes and Noble like I saw it yesterday. 

Country Home has a nice Instagram feed which you can follow here


Frances said...

Congratulation Kristin, on having your wonderful home included in this new publication.

I will have a look for it at my local B&N.

I bet that you will inspire many folks to add more color to their own homes. xo

Auntie Shan said...

I'll be on the lookout for it!

I know what you mean, FLIPPING through actual pages is much more RELAXING! Easier on the eyes too. ENERGY "SAVING" as well... NO batteries or having to recharge anything. NO glare or difficulty SEEING stuff when outside. NO heart attacks when it's DROPPED onto a hard surface... A 5-yr pile makes a great "table" when needed...

However, these days, I am finding that the MAIL-DELIVERY can get a tad waylaid with my "international" subscriptions [COUNTRY LIVING]. - Sure, extend my subscription for more issues that I'll never receive! - Personally, I "suspect" that certain magazines would "prefer" that their INTERNATIONAL Subscribers choose "DIGITAL" to save on their "Distribution" costs! BUT, I'm sticking it out! I *WANT* my HANDS-ON Page-Perusing!!

oh. BTW, if you get "THIS" before and/or if I forget to E-you later, Wish JULIA a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from me! :-D Along with the usual *SQUISHY*-"AUNTIE"-HUGS and mushy whatnots! Hope that She has a FUN DAY and that the weather isn't too sweltering!


Julia said...

I was living in Lancashire, UK, at the time but bought this very issue of 'Country Home' on a trip to New England to see a relative. It was my first introduction to your work and I was bowled over by the colours in your home, which was so inspiring. I then discovered your blog, and love to see your works in progress and life on your farm.

I was lucky enough to retire to SW West and now live just a couple of kilometres from the Bernard Pallisy museum in the hamlet where he was born - I spotted a book on your shelves about him! Fascinating but too many snakes for my liking, ha ha.

I too love 'proper' magazines but have resorted to digital because of the expense of mail subscriptions, apart from the UK 'Country Living' which I can't live without! I shall certainly be trying to track down the new 'Country Home' digital or otherwise.

All best wishes,

Jacqui said...

I noticed you mention this on IG and as so pleased to find a copy in Chapters on my recent visit to my sister in Ottawa. Such a lovely magazine and I find your colourful home so inspiring xxx

Adaliza said...

Wow - how brilliant to have your home featured. The video was over in a flash - a very colourful flash! Well done - carry on colouring your world and thanks for sharing! Adaliza

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I so enjoyed getting walloped by the pages of color in Country Home. You have an amazing style AND courage. You live your colors and it shows your personality and love of life.

I too once saw the old Country Home article about your farmhouse. Wonderful to see it again.

I miss the magazines. I worked for Country Living GARDENER for its full (13 year) life and losing that magazine took a chunk out of my heart.

Keep on inspiring folks. Hey, I haven't picked up a knitting needle since high school, but your socks inspire me so much I just might need to get clicking.

All best to you,

Sharon Lovejoy

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