Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Week At The Farm + 18 - Oh Wow!

It's been a busy week here at the farm. I don't know where the days go. It has been incredibly hot here with no rain for at least 2 weeks. When you walk across the lawn or through the fields, you can hear the grass crunch under your feet. It is really disconcerting to say the least. The hay crop, which is what the sheep eat in the winter, has been dismal. We aren't sure what we are going to do about it. It's not like we can make it rain. All we can do is wait and hope it does rain so that the grass will grow. 

Here are a couple photos of my garden. It is mostly mulched except where I put late sunflowers in. They have yet to germinate because of the lack of water. And I have caught the birds eating the little sunflower shoots. The challenges of gardening and farming are real. 

I have my second Creative Retreat here at the farm this coming weekend. It is Fabric Printing and Embroidery. Should be lots of fun. 

(There is still room in my Color for Knitters and Embroidery on Knitting on September 24/25. Check out the class info here.)

I've been doing a bit of fabric printing in preparation for the students. Here are some of my test prints of various stamps I made. 

Work on my book has been pretty much stalled because of the Retreats. Julia and I did get the shelves painted for the pottery shed in this pretty orange color. 

I'm loving the spray paint. It now works on plastic which is super fun. It also comes in amazing colors. I've got a few more ideas I want to try on possible projects for the book. 

Julia turned 18. It is astounding to me that 18 years have gone by since she was born. I guess that is what happens when you have kids - the years fly by and all of a sudden two decades have passed and you don't know where the years went.  

We had a lovely dinner party with friends to celebrate this big milestone. Tonight she is going to the Town Hall to register to vote. She is super excited about that. 

I hope you all are having a good summer and enjoying yourselves. I'll be back next week with photos from this weekend's retreat. Cannot wait to see and meet everyone.  


Susan Mills said...

Happy Birthday Julia!!

Suzi Barnes said...

Happy Birthday Julia!

Auntie Shan said...

nuts! For some reason, I thought Julia was only turning 17, not 18! Anyhoo, GLAD that She had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!! *AND*, that She has the opportunity to "first" VOTE in a SIGNIFICANT Election!! - You'll have to throw another "party' for THAT Event! :-D Or, at least a VIDEO to mark the occasion!

oh. BTW, I checked out Your "feature" in COUNTRY HOME earlier today! GREAT PIECE! Fabulous pics!! -- And of course, the article is near the BACK of the issue! [I was flipping through, wondering if I had missed it!] Whatever, it's "in" CANADA!


Adaliza said...

Happy Birthday, Julia. I remember when C was 18, I baked the biggest chocolate cake and decorated it with pink roses. I was looking forward to a slice when I got home from work the following day and it had disappeared. Dilly, our collie x lab had eaten the entire thing - just a few pink roses left, chewed and a bit slobbery! We all sort of cried then laughed and wished we'd had more room to eat it after the birthday meal with family and friends. 18 is certainly memorable - have lots of fun, Julia xxx

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