Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Photos from the 3rd Holiday Open House

We had a fantastic weekend here at Leyden Glen Farm. So many folks came to the 3rd Holiday Open House and it was great fun to meet people who follow my blog, our farm, and/or my design work. We also had a strong show of support from people we know from our two farmers markets venues in Amherst and Northampton. Thank you everyone for coming! So fun to meet you all on our home turf. 

As per my usual, I totally forgot to take any photos. My excuse is that I was distracted -- as I should have been -- welcoming folks to our home and chatting with them. It's a bit of a weird experience doing this but everyone was so nice and interested in the decor and my art. It was so much fun to share it with people and hopefully they went home inspired to try something new in their home. 

Deborah Garner and Alicia Hunsicker were on the porch sharing and selling their work. Gail Callahan was in the library with her gorgeous hand dyed yarn and silks and her color grid. She took a little video that she shared on Instagram here. Farmer Mark spent the two days outside greeting people, talking sheep, and selling our pasture raised lamb - now he has to catch up with various chores and get ready for winter. The sheep and dogs were a big hit with visitors. Unfortunately no photos though! 

I took these photos before breaking down all the displays. You can see the rooms and how they were set up. 
Thank you to the two angels - Jeanne and Kathy - who arrived a little early and helped set up the food table and lay out some project samples. Also thanks to Andrea and Clara for running the sales table on the kitchen island. It takes a village!

Julia had a successful couple days selling pom poms and glitter ornaments and pine cones. It was very encouraging for her. 

Thanks to everyone who picked up Christmas gifts or bought things for themselves. I still have a good stock of my handmade handpainted pottery left and linen/cotton canvas tea towels. I am in the process of uploading them to my Etsy site. Boy -- it is time consuming - taking photos, copy to write, postage rates to guess (the post office seems to keep raising their rates on me and you). I'll keep you apprised of the re-stocking and opening of the Etsy shop here on the blog, on Instagram, Facebook, and my newsletter. Gee - aren't there a lot of things to constantly update when you run an on-line business. It is pretty mind boggling. 

Back to work - have a great day everyone. Enjoy the photos and thanks everyone for coming out! 

Sadie the welcoming committee

Some of the tea towels I design and made


Laura Timmerman said...

Sounds nice. Next year maybe I'll be your on-site photographer. xo, LT

Allison Williamson said...

Everything looks wonderful! Wish I could have come!

Auntie Shan said...

YAY! HAPPY to hear that you ALL "survived"!! ;-}
And, that you did well! - Regular Craft Sales are arduous enough as it is, but having one AT home..? *KUDOS* to you!! But now, try to take a "breather" before tackling the ONLINE "paperwork"! -- [THIS is the part WHY I haven't quite opened my own online "shop" yet! Getting around to actually MAILING stuff takes all the fun out of MAKING it...]

Anyhoo, HOPE the weather holds out long enough for you so you can get "EVERYTHING" *ELSE* done! [The DOWNside of "Holidays" when you don't have ELVES!]


LannieK said...

Just beautiful!

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