Thursday, April 05, 2018

No Spring Yet + Lots of Packing Boxes

Kate waiting for winter to end - Photo by Rikki Snyder
We are supposed to have snow tomorrow - again. It is April 5th and it is still snowing. Yuck. It won't last long but still! 

Wow - thanks so much for all the Crafting The Patterned Home book love. Orders are coming in and I am packing and packing and packing. I am up to 166 books ordered so far -- 334 to go to meet my goal of 500. Slowly but surely. I have to order more books and packing supplies but that shouldn't slow me down too much. 

This book cycle for Crafting The Patterned Home, I thought I would automate labels through Paypal's service with the USPS. A couple weeks ago, I gave it a try. Failure. I called Paypal twice - yes they do answer their phone. They were very nice - twice. Bottom line - I spent 3 hours on the phone w/ 2 different people and neither could get my account to generate shipping through the USPS. They told me to call the USPS which I did. But I was going to have a 45 minute wait to talk to someone. At that point - I threw up my hands and said screw it. For all that time spent talking and waiting, I could have written out all the labels myself. So that is what I decided to do. I'm getting writer's cramp! Now the post office has to generate all the labels and I have to stand and wait. Progress? Yes and No. I tried. Maybe someday I will have the time and patience to get the USPS to make it work with my Paypal account. 

I can't wait until Crafting A Patterned Home get into reader's hands. I am looking forward to the comments and seeing if any of the projects look appealing to anyone. It is really scary for me. Every time a book is about to come out, I start losing sleep. I also get crazy little aches and pains that I know are all from the stress of waiting to see how people react. I know it sounds like I am a crazy person but that is always how it is - just before a book gets out to the public and also -- just before a photo shoot. Stress does funny things. I know it will all be okay soon once I get these boxes emptied and envelopes filled and I start hearing comments - good or bad. I know I have done the best job possible and now it is up to the book gods to see its fate. 

Hope all is going well with all of you. Still time to order a book from me. And thanks to all of you who have. Thank you thank you thank you!

Here is the link to order a signed copy Crafting A Patterned Home from me. Some nice little freebies will be included. (You won't get that from the big old company in the sky.)

Of course - if you are lucky enough to have a local indie bookstore, please buy from them to help keep them in business. Bookstores struggle as much as authors do to make a living. It is your choice but if you do purchase from me - thank you so much - from Julia, Mark and I here at our farm. Here is the link to purchase from my website


Chris said...

Anxiously waiting for my copy!!!!!! And thank you for introducing me to Ben Pentreath!

Auntie Shan said...

ahh... "Modern" technology, gotta hate it some times! -- Can your printer do labels? How's Julia's penmanship..?
NEXT time, throw a "packing"-party! :-D
Get a few "Journalism" Students in need of "hands-on"-time credits, pass on some hard-earned wisdom and feed them in lieu of actually $$... Then, leisurely pace yourself with the Autographing...

Well, we didn't get your snow, just a few "hurricane"-blown flakes! Tues. night and all day Wed. we had a lot of heavy gusting and a temp plummet! Was feeling like January again! It seems that every time the "glacier" melts a foot or so, it gets covered up again! :-[
I could actually see half of my front lawn the other day...

Poor Katie... She's probably glad that she's not a Husky!
Anyhoo, hang in there!!

tjf said...

If it helps, I love getting mail addressed by hand. I like seeing people's handwriting. :) I am looking forward to seeing your new book; I know it contains projects I will want to try. Also, thanks for explaining (in your last post) how you make money (or not so much) depending on where people buy your book. I think writing a book is a huge labor of love, especially crafting books, and especially when you take the time to make it a wonderful book. I have bought books where it is obvious many corners were cut - there are many mistakes or the photography isn't very good or the projects don't come out as the book shows. I have learned to look at books with a different eye and am willing to pay for quality and I want the author to make as much as possible so they will write more good books. I wish you the best; I hope you reach your goal of 500 books. :)

Colleen Sharpe said...

I just ordered your book (in Canada, through Chapters - had gift cards and cannot afford shipping/etc. from the States). I cannot WAIT to receive it! I hope your jitters calm down because I KNOW there'll be projects in it that I'll love. I also ordered CACH because I've checked it out from the library so many times. :D

I love reading your blog and I'm glad you will continue. As for what I'd love to see - more home design projects, more colour, more pattern!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Love Ben’s blog!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Thx so much Colleen.

Helen said...

Mine's here! Now to make a cup of tea of coffee and sit down with it.

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