Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ferociously Funny Socks from The World Knits Collection

Available on my website here
and on Ravelry here

Number 4 in The World Knits Collection are my Ferociously Funny Socks. Sock knitting was not much of a thing back in 1992 but I could feel a trend coming on. This pattern includes 4 different versions of the Ferociously Funny Socks. You can see them on the cover of the booklet below. 

They don't seem very revolutionary now but back then, these socks were something quite different. Knit in Classic Elite's Tapestry Wool/Mohair, they were colorful, very fun to knit and quite addictive. They each begin with my favorite two color corrugated ribbing edged in reverse stockinette stitch ridges. Each design adds a bit more difficulty to them culminating in the sock you can see all the way to the left with Fair Isle Patterning and duplicate stitching. 

Sadly, my sample socks disappeared 25 years ago so I can't share them with you. It seems a world away from these first socks after all the twists and turns of the yarn industry, people going in an out of business, hand-dyers making sock yarn, me having a line of sock yarn with Regia (that's gone now). I'm not sure if knitters are making as many socks as they once did in the early 00's with those little needles.

Me, I will happily make a sock on size 4 double pointed needles just like the ones featured here. Classic and as easy or difficult to make depending on your wants and skill. There is also a pattern for a back and forth simple sock included. 

You can purchase the PDF Download for the Ferociously Funny Socks on my website here and on Ravelry here. There is a pattern page now for this design on Ravelry if you have an older pair that you would like to post as a project. Or put them on Instagram and tag me so I can see what you knit. 

Spread the word about The World Knits Collection. Thanks everyone! 


Anne said...

I have loved the way you play with color since I first saw one of your knitting books at Barnes and Noble around 2007. 2008?

BTW the Ravelry link didn't work for me. I was trying to see more about the yarn--looks like these are in worsted, on a smaller needle than I usually use. Love it! I like a slightly dense fabric for my wool socks.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Thanks Anne for your note. And I fixed the Ravelry link. Thx so much for letting me know.

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