Thursday, February 06, 2020

More Lambs + My Mushroom Cap from the Moroccan Fedora PDF Download

Yesterday I wrote about my fiasco knitting project - the Mushroom Cap from The Moroccan Fedora Pattern where I didn't measure gauge and ended up with a huge hat. I showed you how I took off the offending section and how I knit a rib down to save my hat. 

Last night I added some embroidery to pull the colors together. Here's what it looks like now. In this photo you can see the French knots on the gold diamonds, the running stitch on the teal diagonals and the whip stitch I added to the pink reverse stockinette stitch. 

Pattern available on my website here or on Ravelry here

Here is the top of the hat - chartreuse French knots in the center, gold crosses on the pink diamonds and maroon running stitch on the pink lines radiating around the center.

We are up to 60 new lambs. Here are some photos I took at the barn the other day. 

This mama is a bit old. She's staying in a pen longer than normal so her lambs get a better start. 

Look how big this guy is. He was one of the first lambs born. 

These twins are toddling after their mama, I love those spindly legs. 


Anonymous said...

Maroon running stitch on pink - PURE GENIUS! The embellishments add so much interest. I'm not sure if the sheep will give the appreciation of which this hat is worthy, but I think it's wonderful.
Thanks for sharing your pictures and I think your World Knits Collection is
over the top. Surely Kaffe is green with envy! Love knitting, Roxanne

Lee said...

The embroidery is perfect! You are always inspiring-now I'm looking at my knits and planning stitching. :)

Julia said...
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