Friday, March 27, 2020

Paul's Moroccan Fedora

Melissa is a longtime friend of mine from New Jersey. She now lives in Maine with her husband Paul. They are both musicians. Melissa's Mom Peggy (now in her late 80's) is a dear friend of mine. For years, she knit many samples for the different leaflets and books. Here's a photo of Julia, Mom and Peggy taken here at our farm back in 2006 when this blog was rather newish.  

Not many years ago, Paul taught himself to knit and he is really killing it these days. He is a pianist and I'm thinking those talented fingers were just itching to learn to knit. He sent me photos of his granddaughter wearing one of the hats he made from my Moroccan Fedora pattern. He kindly has let me share them here on the blog. 

Isn't she the cutest? The yarn Paul used is Malabrigo and he said it was the worsted weight. Here is the top of the hat. 

Now he is working on another project from the World Knits Collection. Can't wait to see how that turns out. Well done Paul! 

If you have made any projects from the World Knits Collection, I would love to see what you have done. You can send them to me via email or facebook. 

You can purchase the Moroccan Fedora Pattern here on Ravelry or on my website here. Thanks so much Paul for sharing. 


Robin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Currently, I am working on a hat, but I have also been busy with a lot of other things around the house.

Stay well!

Kodiak said...

Love this! Thank you for highlighting Paul’s work.

Elizabeth D said...

I am so glad you brought these patterns back! Now, I don’t think it was one of yours, but did you by any chance get the one for the Northumberland gloves?

Jen Das said...

Kristin I read with interest your thoughts on the demise of Classic Elite Yarns. I must be honest and say I’ve been mia in the yarn world long enough to see the loss of two very good craft and yarn stores in my town. When I read CEY was gone, it was as if the earth was shifting under my feet. Is it that young people think yarn stores and great brands are anathema? I am very sad and unsure as to how to proceed. Buying yarn without touching it is just incredibly hard to embrace.

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