Saturday, March 14, 2020

What to do in this time of uncertainty? OMG - Knit a Farmer...

Hello all you fine folks! What a few weeks it has been and more to come. I don't have any sound advice to give you all in the wake of the coronavirus hitting our shores. No one knows how it will affect their families and friends and communities. It's all a bit crazy and out of the ordinary. I wish you and yours all the best as we struggle our way through the unknown. 

When all else fails, I say knit! I have been knitting a lot this winter. A few weeks ago, I wrote this hilarious post and then followed it up with this post. If you haven't read this blog in a while there is a lot to catch up on. I've been introducing the 15 patterns from World Knits Collection. I've been giving back-story to the different patterns and designs. All of the patterns are available by PDF Download on my website or over on Ravelry

These designs were all made almost 25 years ago over the span of 4 years. Unfortunately I have very few of the original designs. I've been going over the patterns and knitting some up. I'll post a few this week. Right now, I'm knitting a Farmer from The Ethnic Gift Collection. I found the original Farmwoman but could not find her mate. Here she is.....

She was a bit moth ravaged but I patched her up. Her apron lifts up to reveal a pocket and she can be used as a small purse or carrying bag. 

I looked high and low for her mate and could not find him anywhere. Here he is in progress. Sorry about some of the poorly lit photos. 

Two legs ready to be joined

Legs joined and hips knit

Belt knit

Chest begun

Neck shaped and head and hat begun. He has to be stuffed as you go because the knitting closes in on the pieces. I added some French knot buttons before doing the neck. 

The head is finished here and has been stuffed

The purl ridge is picked up and a brim is knitted for the hat

The arms are finished and ready to attach. A few ends to weave in. 

Here is my Farmer with facial features, laces, hair that needs to be trimmed. 

I took him down into my studio to my steamer to give him a little plump up and a hair trim. Guess what! He has disappeared. I cannot find him anywhere! Once again - I have looked high and low and he is in the miss. I'm wondering if one of the cats took him away. That is all I can think of. 

And so I began again. I knit another farmer. Here's what I have so far.......

The second one went much quicker than the first. I'm in a groove now. I'm going to keep knitting the Farm. 

To Be Continued........

Purchase the Eclectic Gift Collection on my website here or on Ravelry here

More tomorrow! 

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Gail the Kangaroo Dyer said...

Hi Kristin, You are a beacon of light for so many with your creative Pieces, Just what people need now. Love to you and yours. Gail

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