Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Life, IGTV and Back at My Pottery

We are getting into the swing of isolation here at the farm. To tell you the truth, for The Farmer and me, it isn't a lot different than normal. We don't see many people during the day - maybe a wave hello to a neighbor or the UPS guy but we normally don't see or talk to many folks. Julia on the other hand is missing her friends at the community college she goes to. She's trying to keep in touch with them via FB and texting which seems to be a full-time job for her. I don't miss doing the drive to the school one bit and am finding I have much more time in my day. 

I've been FaceTiming with Mom who is in her mid-80's. I've been calling her from the barn when I'm done helping out and she has loved seeing the sheep and the new babies and learning about what goes on. It went so easy with her that I decided to try an Instagram TV video. It's 4 minutes long or so and YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE if you are interested. I may try to do another one of these. You can follow me on Instagram HERE. I love this platform and I think it is a real help in these times. Lots of bloggers from the old days are starting to do Instagram TV videos so check them out if you are trying to distract yourself from the news. Here are a couple folks I have enjoyed videos from:

Food Blogger David Lebovitz has been making cocktails
Block Printer Molly Mahon has been demoing potato printing
Melissa Weiss has a making pottery series

These links go to their Instagram pages. If you are looking at a computer, you will find a small little logo above above their feed which takes you to their IGTV channel. Or you can see in their feed the same logo on each little box which will let you watch the video. 

If you find any IGTV channels you think I might like, let me know. 

I'm back at my ceramics. Just before the State of Massachusetts closed down, I ordered 750 pounds of clay thinking that the supplier would be closed down and I wouldn't get it til who knows when. Surprise! The supplier also has a medical supply biz so my clay arrived in 2 days which meant I had to move 750 pounds of clay TWICE - to my car and then into the living room. I was wonder if I could do it because that's a lot of weight for me to move but I did it. Now to get my throwing muscles back again!

Here are some photos of the recent decorating I have done on pieces that were already thrown. I have a lot more pieces thrown that I need to get painted. 

Stacking it up on my bookcase:

Today's platter project. Each color needs to be painted three times to get nice bright colors.

The start of a big bowl decoration...... I used to just wing it and paint. Back in December, I decided to try to pre-plan each piece by sketching out what I was going to paint. The pencil lines will disappear when the piece is fired in the kiln. 

Here is is finished:

Stay safe everyone. Stay home. Stay healthy. 

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Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Many years ago I read loads of knitting blogs. More recently, it seemed the all vanished, including my own - times change. Coincidentally found yours is still here (thru IG) and so nice to pop back in...!! Beautiful ceramics, now! I think Julia was about 8 last time I was here, you had lambs in sweaters. Wonderful you are all doing well, I will look in again :)

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