Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Pottery for Sale Thursday May 14 + Thoughts

Big News! Tomorrow, Thursday May 14th, I will be adding about 40 new pieces of pottery to my online webshop. Here is the link to check out my new pieces. The sale goes live at NOON EST on Thursday. 

Here are some of the pieces I will be adding to the shop. I am still making and hope to have Shop Updates more than once a year. 

I've been posting over on Instagram many of the new pieces as they have been decorated. I started doing one of those #100daychallenges which really helps me to keep working and going at it. I am going to continue to decorate and make more pottery as the months go by. 
Honestly though - I must say that I wonder if I am wasting my time making these pieces. So much time goes into each piece - especially with the hand painting of each design. Here are some of the things that go through my head as I paint......
• OMG - is anyone actually going to have any money to purchase this stuff during/after this Pandemic? Will the world go into a financial depression like the early 1900's? Will history repeat itself? 
• How relevant is my art and life considering that people are sick and dying in massive numbers all over the world?
• If people aren't interested in my pottery, what am I going to do to make a living? How am I going to replace that income? 
• Chances are I will not be able to have a Holiday Open House next December. 
• In these days of mass-produced junk, does anyone appreciate the one-off handmade object d'art that costs way more than a $3 mug at Target that is designed by some hip young thing or even Liberty of London. 

As you can see, I have lots of doubts and insecurities about my art. I think most artists do. Do you? I also think that the Pandemic is causing so many folks to reassess their lives and what they want out of them and where they will go next. This is a natural thing to do in times like these. I think back to other difficult times in our history - 9/11/2001, the financial meltdown of 2008. Those times shaped so many people's lives and futures. I worry about the young adults who are graduating college with huge student loan debt. Where will there be jobs? How will they pay back the loans they took out to make a better life? I think about all the small colleges throughout the USA - how are they going to keep their doors open if students don't enroll? Where will all those people find work who have been employed by those institutions? I worry about the different people in the USA and all over the world living in densely populated areas who can't get proper medical care. Oh gee, it all is just so much to take in and process. 

I know how fortunate I am to be able to walk out my door without a mask on.... to gather eggs from my chickens and eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... to be able to stack wood for a fire that will keep us warm next winter..... to have a space to plant a garden to reap food and flowers and beauty from. How fortunate am I to be living in quarantine with two people I love and enjoy their company? How lucky I am that no one in our extended family has fallen ill yet?  

Through all of the thoughts, somehow, I keep making and painting the pots. Although it is not the road to riches, it is where I am now in my creativity and design life. I can spend hours lost in the colors and the patterns and the shapes and the object. I think about pots to come, patterns to come, ideas to try. It's easy for me to think about those things - it is how my brain works. It isn't as easy to think about how I am going to sell the output though.

So those are my thoughts for today. Check to see more pots tomorrow over on my website. As always, I appreciate your support of my work and life - whether financially or spiritually through your comments and through your reading. 

I hope you all are well and safe and enjoying the new spring color. 


Patricia said...

Like you I do worry about others but I know honestly that I can only do so much, but it bothers me I can’t do more.Our lives are changing yet again and like the financial crisis, recessions, and other events that life throws us we do survive and thrive. When I gather with my knitting friends we keep track of our mental health, offer support where we can and walk our way through this new life changing event. I do know that I will be buying several pieces tomorrow and this might be my birthday and anniversary gifts to myself. I have wanted and lusted after your pottery for years and this time I can not only help you but get some to die for pottery. I think this is a big mind reset for all of us. Remember we have been enjoying very bountiful times for a long time. Some of us baby boomers are retiring and realize we need to scale down, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Returning to quality made items like coats, shoes, jeans, and thick warm sweaters to wear while holding a mug of warm tea is bliss. Reading all the books we’ve accumulated over the years, wonderful. Finally having time to paint my chest of drawers a deep eggplant color with your pottery being showcased it going to make me happy. I think there are a lot of people who tried to live that wealthy lifestyle and now what do they have? A lifestyle they can no longer afford and debt. I tried to have a garden here in Texas but the earth is not suitable for planting. Sandy and full of granite. So I am trying to talk to farmers about buying produce from them. Quite frankly I suck at gardening and the earth is crap. If I moved more to the east of the state it would be better but could we afford it? Life is a gamble so far we are doing well and maybe becoming a better community.

Dana Barbieri said...

Your pieces are all gone. I understand the insecurities but it seems people love what you make. I hope next month to snag one of your pieces. They are beautiful and so cheerful.

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