Tuesday, October 27, 2020

End of October 2020

We are coming to the end of October. It feels it. The days are getting noticeably shorter. Some days are cold, clammy and the wood stove begs for a fire. Somedays the sun is out, the sky is a beautiful blue, and it seems like winter won't come. 

I can feel the year change in my moods and thoughts. I am not very affected by seasonal affective disorder but I live with someone who is. I know what a struggle it can be. 

When the days get shorter and the weather cools off, I feel a certain energy come my way. I was noticing it the other day and thinking what the heck is a matter with me. I have a list of to-dos a mile long and I actually feel like I can conquer some of them. I'm lucky -- and maybe you are too -- that I have plenty to do inside whether is be making or cooking or potting or sewing or..... 

I thought back to July and August when the days were very hot and humid. I was exhausted constantly and found that only a nap after lunch would get me through the day. So I gave in and napped. It was the heat that was doing this to me. I see why siestas are so de rigueur in Italy and Spain and other hot climates.  I suppose I could get an air conditioner for the summer and that could help but considering I have to be outside tending my garden and making pottery in a shed that has no air, it would be a waste of money. 

The sunflowers are done for the year. The birds have been out there picking them clean. The sunflower patch is so much fun to watch now - little birds diving in and out. I wish I could catch a photo of them but it hasn't worked out yet. Here are the sunflowers decaying now. I will till them into the earth next spring and we will begin again. 

I'm looking forward to really getting things done this winter. For now, I've got to keep making some pottery and sewing some tea towels so I can do another On-Line Sale. Sadly, I won't be hosting a Holiday Open House this year. I just don't feel comfortable filling my home with folks that I don't know their health situation. This year of 2020 has taught us all to be flexible and adapt and that's what I am trying to do. 

We just heard from Kevin Ford, our sheep shearer. He is coming in a few weeks to shear the sheep. Mark has started moving some of them to the winter barns in prep for shearing. Still more to go but there is time.

On a good note, the Amherst Farmer's Market where we vend every Saturday has been a breath of fresh air this season. Our booth has been busy selling both our farm-raised lamb and my pottery and tea towels. If you are up for a drive, stop by and see us. Hours are 8 to 1:30 every Saturday through November 21st. There are lots of fantastic vendors that you can meet and purchase from. Once the market is done for the season, lamb will be available here at our farm. 

With that, I'll close for now. Hope everyone is hanging in there. 

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Donna said...

I enjoy reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Your colors with your pottery and knitting and pottery and art are an inspiration. Thank you for inviting us into your colorful world! Donna

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