Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Sometimes when I think about what I do all day, so much has to do with preparing food, serving food, and cleaning up after the food. I think every person with a family feels overwhelmed by the feeding thing once in a while. That's why convenience foods have become so popular. And then when you add a baby to the whole pile of family work, it totally overwhelms any mother. I remember back when Julia was an infant - I felt totally overwhelmed with it all - the bottle and the formula, the dirty laundry, the changing of the diapers. (Yes, I said "overwhelmed" twice - but there really isn't another word for it, is there?) Even making a cup of coffee was hard to accomplish. How to get boiling water into a coffee pot without scalding a young thing - it was all so difficult. I really am glad that stage is over with child-rearing. Trust me - those of you reading this with an infant - it will be over - and you will come out the other side. It's hard to believe, but it does happen.

The Farmer is doing a wonderful job with all his animal baby-rearing. In another month he is going to be plum exhausted. He came home the other night after a late night lamb-check looking a bit weary. Quick to bed to say the least. You see - it is all about food for the sheep and lambs now. It's a delicate balance - feeding hay at the right time and the right amount so the sheep don't waste it. Having enough hay to make it through the winter until the grass starts growing again. Starting to supplement the hay with some kind of grain so the ewes will milk better. But if he supplements too early, he'll have lots of big single lambs that sometimes can't be born easily and end up not making it. It's all a delicate balance but he does a great job! Here are some scenes of lunch at the barn.

Looking at these photos makes baby cereal mixed with a little milk look like a breeze, doesn't it?


maryse said...

that little lamby face is just too precious. so cute.

TJ said...

I love the photo of the lamb drinking/eating from the bottle! I want to snuggle it!