Thursday, December 02, 2010

Answering Questions on my Leyden Glen Farm Calendars

I've had a few e-mails from people wondering how the months of the PDF calendars that I announced last week are set up. When I was designing these in Adobe® Indesign, I wanted them to be easy to print out on a normal home 8 1/2 x 11" calendar. And they really are. Each month prints out simply as one page. At the bottom half of each page are the days of the month. On the top are the photographs. Here is the month of January on the "Animals of Leyden Glen Farm" Calendar. In the middle is the name of the month.

As you can see there are no boxes around the numbers. I was thinking when I designed this calendar that it would be for a work cubby or one of those calendars that you hang somewhere to reference. It is not one of those huge workhorse calendars - that wouldn't have worked in this format and would have made it way too complicated to print!I Hence this format which is really easy to print.

Above is the month of February from the "Scenes of Domestic Life". Any more questions, I'm happy to answer. Here's the post with the ordering information. And as always - thanks so much for reading....

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