Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Knitting Inspiration, Beth Brown-Reinsel, and a Sneak Peak at things to come....

Last winter, there was a great giveaway over at the Webs blog featuring my book Color by Kristin and enough yarn for a project from the book. The lucky winner was Carol Ozimek who lives in Lake Tahoe. Carol chose the "Over the Top" Shawl which I blogged about here. Carol writes a lovely knitting blog called "And All That Yarn."I bet Carol's Over the Top Shawl is going to come in pretty handy this winter in Lake Tahoe. Thanks for the photo Carol! You did an amazing job on the shawl!

So now a sneak peak at something that won't be ready for awhile..... Friday I spent most of the day with Beth Brown-Reinsel. Do you know Beth? Well, if you don't, you need to get to know her and all the incredible traditional knitting techniques she teaches. Beth is the author of the classic knitting book KNITTING GANSEYS and a true knitting master at many traditional techniques. She travels throughout the USA and abroad teaching. And guess what, Beth lives only 25 minutes from me in Brattleboro.

Knitting Ganseys has been the go-to book for this extremely popular sturdy fisherman gansey from the British Isles. (Old photo from this website here.) Originally published by Interweave, it was in print for 17 years. Amazing. When Interweave decided to let it go just this past year, Beth took it upon her to re-publish it herself. And not only has she self-published it but she has starred in her very own, professionally produced DVD called what else but "Knitting Ganseys." It is hot off the DVD press and you can order both the book and the new DVD from Beth's Etsy Shop here. Beth is an amazing teacher - so patient and kind and is a favorite teacher at guilds and yarn stores. Her video is a perfect companion to the book or for someone who isn't fortunate enough to squeeze into one of Beth's popular classes. Here's a little preview of it.

So what were Beth and I doing Friday? I'll just say that we spent the day in my studio with a Flip camera. You'll have to wait until January to see the fruits of our labors. Hop on over to Beth's Etsy Shop for Beth's BRAND NEW DVD for a great gift for that hard to buy for knitting friend. And in January I'll be running a giveaway featuring some Beth Brown-Reinsel items so stay tuned! Boy, did we have a fun day - laughing our heads off. Lots of knitting bloopers! I wonder if Tom Bergeron is interested? I doubt it... Good weekend everyone! Better start the Christmas shopping soon!


Paula said...

I took a class on knitting ganseys with Beth several years ago. She is a wonderful teacher. I haven't had the nerve to try making a gansey yet. It is a knitting goal for me.

You and Beth working together will result in something(s) amazing, I'm sure.

Turtle said...


Anonymous said...

I took 2 classes with Beth at WEBS last December, twinned socks and norwegian mittens - LOVE her!

Carol said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my Over The Top Shawl!

woolywoman said...

BBR is a wonderful teacher- I learned more n her class at Stitches than had learn, combined, in the three other classes took that week! She s so knowledgeable, patient, and kind that the class was not intimidating.

I use her technique of make a miniature sweater (shawl, sock) whenever I am learning something. It really clears things up for me, and the tiny versions are so cute!

Thanks for letting us know about her Etsy store!