Wednesday, August 01, 2018

July Update - Surgery and Sheep

July flew by. In the middle of the month The Farmer had his hip replaced. He just got home from a rehab facility on Monday. He is doing quite well but moving slowly and very tired. He is having physical therapy, visiting nurse visits, and doctor’s appointments. He won’t be able to drive for a while so I have been chauffeuring him around. Julia is helping out a lot which I really appreciate. She has a little more patience than I do. She really missed him - he was gone for almost 2 weeks. 

Me - I had no time to miss him. We did visit him every day but I was so busy worrying about everything that would, could and did go wrong with the sheep. I won’t bore you with all the farming details and mishaps but let’s just say there have been many. One day I broke down in tears at my brother-in-law’s dairy farm and he helped me sort some things out to make the sheep farm more manageable for me. I have some great help from a couple of guys with haying and feeding and lifting the things that I am not strong enough to lift. My nephew Nicholas has helped me move sheep and set up fences and my friends Kay and Terri helped fence a field. 

There have been a lot of adventures and luckily we have some great neighbors who have ATVs and John Deere Gators and they have helped me move sheep around, collect sheep that escaped fencing and have generally given me moral support. I’m going to continue to need their assistance because in the next two weeks there are some big chores that need doing and I can't do it myself. I can’t wait for Mark to get better so that I can give up the farming responsibilities. 

Yesterday he went to the doctor and had his stitches removed and an X-ray. All looks good. He is anxious to have his second hip replaced quickly and we are going to talk about that with the doctor in a month. 

Amongst all of this, I had my first Creative Retreat of the year this past weekend. We had a great time and I will share some photos of the projects soon. I was lucky to have my friends Kay and Gail help me clean up the house and the studio before the guests arrived. Three bodies are definitely quicker and it was much more fun than than just slogging it out by myself - never mind that I am stressed out by the farming responsibilities. Julia isn't capable of helping me out with the farm at all so it is just me and my superhero farmhands. Now that could be a comic strip - believe me. 

Here are some photos from the last couple weeks when I have remembered to snap them on my phone. I really love how the sheep look so peaceful and bucolic and behind the scenes it has been a bunch of chaos, vultures, leaking water tanks, coyotes, fencing issues.... Although this makes me appreciate The Farmer more - it also makes me wonder why he wants to bother. But I do know this - it is what makes him tick and he can't wait to feel better so he can get back at it and not have me butting in with my streamlining and organizational ideas. That is one thing that has kept us together for so long - we let each other do what they want to do and don't step on the other's toes in each other's work domains. I must be patient and bide my time now and keep doing this farming thing until I can get back to my own work. Fingers crossed he keeps on the healing path. 

Looking peaceful
Kate - constant farm companion
Turkey Vultures - the sign of dead animals
Kate has been wondering where he went????
Mobile sheep unit - put together miraculously by Jason and Donnie
The possie helping to move the 12 rogue sheep
Action - atv's, motor bikes and gators
Nothing a little metal HVAC tape won't fix
Stately ram
Photo before we moved this batch of sheep due to coyote predation


Marlynne said...

Wow! What a huge responsibility! I will remember to pray for your health and strength and wisdom and safe and obedient sheep

Unknown said...

I hope Mark heals fast. I couldn’t drive for a month after my hip replacement. I did come home after three days & did rehab at home for a few weeks until I could drive. Too bad he has to have stitches removed. Mine were dissolvable & they used surgical glue. But I do hope he is able to get back to doing what he loves. You sound like you need a vacation!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Just saw your post on FB Karen. How long has it been?

Kristin Nicholas said...

Thank you

fracksmom said...

Thanks for the update. So happy God has blessed you with amazing friends

Robin said...

I was glad to see this post. My gosh, what an adventure it's been for you. I hope you, Mark, Julia, and the sheep all get through this okay. Robin

Auntie Shan said...

Hang in there Sweetie! The worse bits are hopefully behind you now. Take pride in being STRONGER than most of us here for getting through it all!!
Although, next hip, hire "staff" and take a vacation!
Anyhoo, you go Bo Beep!
(Happy to hear that Mark is back!)

Diane said...

Kristin, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Mark both during this time. I can’t imagine the work involved for you on the farm. Thank goodness for friends and relatives to help you! Prayers for quick and complete healing for Mark.

Sally said...

Wish I lived closer.... Sending healing and strength vibes. xoxo

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Ah....the joys of shepherding....
I often have farmstay guests who gaze out at the sheep sleeping in the pasture and say, "You lead such a peaceful, relaxing, no stress life." I just smile knowing that they have no clue as to what goes on behind the scene. Just know Kristin that your sheep are able to rest peacefully in that field at that very moment because they have a good shepherd watching over them. Looks like you have risen to the challenge! Excellent work with good ol' yankee ingenuity!

Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

long time follower here delurking to wish you and Mark well as you get through the next few weeks and then the 2nd surgery. it's the hardest work ever. xo.

Kristin Nicholas said...

We are lucky for sure. Thank you

Kristin Nicholas said...

So sorry I missed you Robin when you were so close.

Unknown said...

Loved seeing your Google talk! It's live.

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