Thursday, August 30, 2018

Update - End of August 2018 + Some Guests (OK - 27 of them!)

It's been a hectic summer and now it is almost over. Julia starts her classes next week at the local community college. I am looking forward to getting back "to normal" life although it will not quite be. The Farmer has had some complications with his hip surgery and he is not close to being back to "normal." I have to be patient and hope for the best. I will fill you in on that when I know more. 

I decided to do something drastic and cancelled the last of my Creative Retreats for 2018. It was my Knitting and Color Retreat and I only had 2 students signed up. One of them was having some family problems and so I decided -- after checking with the other student -- to just cancel instead of trying to find some other students to come. It was weighing heavy on my mind - not wanting to disappoint the students who had signed up - but in the end I feel a bit relieved that I don't have to clean up my studio and house again. 

Speaking of cleaning the house....... Last weekend (was it only LAST weekend? it seems so long ago) I was a part of Interweave's Knitting Retreat. My friend Doreen is the organizer of this fantastic series of Knitting Retreats which she describes as 
"exclusive knitting retreats to fun destinations!"
She has taken knitters all over the world and for this one, they were based out of Deerfield, Massachusetts which is only 25 minutes from our farm. 

Twenty-seven knitters arrived in the afternoon. It was quite something to see them all come through the door. Lovely ladies - all of them (and one gent who was a husband of one of the attendees). I did a little intro on the porch -- I have never had so many people on our porch ...... 

...... and then we broke into two groups. Because the group was so large I asked my friend Gail Callahan - aka The Kangaroo Dyer - to teach a color exercise down in my studio while I toured the group through the house and the outdoor shed and garden. Here is Gail teaching in the studio.

My great friend Linda Pratt (also a friend of Doreen's) came to help me with writing up sales tickets. I didn't tell Doreen that Linda would be here so she was over the moon to see her. What a fun surprise. Here are the 3 of us in front of my giant hydrangea bush that seems to be taking over the entire garden - pretty as it is. It was a great day - and I guess the last of visitors for 2018 until my Holiday Sale. Thank you so much Doreen for including me on your trip. Thank you Linda for helping and Gail for pitching in and doing a great job on the color exercise. Photos from Doreen's Instagram account here

In case I don't get to post before the holiday weekend here in the States, enjoy that last hurrah of summer 2018 you all! 

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Robin said...

I am sorry to hear that the Farmer is having some post-surgery complications. I hope this gets better soon for both of you!


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