Thursday, September 06, 2018

Around the Garden 2018

We all know the weather has been a bit different this year. We experienced so much rain - for days in August. So much that there is mold growing places it never grew before. I kept saying to myself - this must be what it is like living in New Orleans. 

The rain abated and now we have had lots of very hot and dry weather - for over a week. My garden has rebounded and it is looking a lot like late summer. The sunflowers are beginning to bloom. The zinnias are starting too. 

I love this time of year - when everything is so bountiful. Plants loaded with flowers and seed heads, the days getting shorter and the light beginning to change. On the hill behind our house, some trees are beginning to turn a golder shade of green - this means autumn isn't far away.

I am a little sad that I won't be having the Fall knitting retreat here this year. I love to share our farm with knitters and color enthusiasts. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I am going to take this time to start making pottery again for the upcoming holiday season. I am looking forward to getting back into the mud (clay - not muck) and seeing what I come up with. It seems that my year gets broken into different timelines and processes and things that I do. Last year I participated in a nationwide Clay Event in October but I do not think I can commit to that this year. I'm going to try to keep it simple with a Holiday and On-Line sales only. 

I have also been designing a bit more fabric. Hope to share some of the samples with you soon. And, I am updating my website and adding some new items for sale. It is keeping me busy and a bit stressed. Julia started school this week. The Farmer is still healing and trying to take some nice long walks to build his stamina. The sheep are surviving. It's all good. 

Here are some photos from around the farm. Enjoy them everyone. I hope your life is going well. 


Radka said...

Love the sunflowers :-)

Anonymous said...

The purple flower amidst the sunflowers looks like one of your prints. :)

Auntie Shan said...

yeah, it really has been a weird summer... We had almost 2 months of drought - all of those rain storms kept missing us! Since the rains have come back, they've still haven't done much in blowing away the humidity! - Until today... Looks like we have a few days ahead with slightly less swelter! Whatever, I'm hoping that the temps continue in the current range for at least another month+ if possible, as I have a 3-day craft show to do in 3 weeks with MUCH still left to do! And, I still have a ton of clearing and cleaning to do before I can get my Furnace Guy in to clean and ready our ancient furnace!
Meanwhile, OUTside of the house could do with having a couple of your sheep around to "clear" some of the JUNGLE! Have a lot of green going on, but not as much Blooming... Some of those plants are beginning to give me "TRIFFID" flashbacks! ;->

Anyhoo, glad to hear that Mark is improving. I'm sure that he'll be flipping sheep in no time! Hope Julia will enjoy college.

Well... got Hooks and Needles to get back to! Craft-show prep is soooo time-consuming! Certainly more than the actual "making"...
I'm counting BALLS of wool and STITCHES at night instead of SHEEP!


Rosalyn Schultze said...

Rosalyn asks...Would you please tell me the name of the floral stems in the sixth picture down from the top? I would love to plant some of those in my garden. Look forward to visiting again next year (I was at the open house)--this time to take a class!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Rosalyn. That is some kind of black eyed Susan type. I don’t know where I got it but it self seeds like crazy. I am happy to harvest some seeds for you and you could give it a go next year. Very prolific and one plant makes many pretty bouquets.

Auntie Shan said...

BTW, LOVE that QUAIL spigot! Where'd you get it?
My sister used to have a couple of quail... The male lived to be over 6 years old!! - apparently, according to her local bird-center-guy, they usually don't get past 3 at most..?!
Whatever. She'd probably go nuts to have that entire tap thing you've got there! Along with your flora... [She's the one that got the "gardening"-gene from both of our grandmothers!]


Unknown said...

Kristin, I am so glad Mark is on the mend! I know you are too. It is wonderful to get to see your pictures of the flora.... we have had so much dry weather, our blooms are mostly gone.
You continue to be such an inspiration to me.... I just wanted to say thank you. I love to create, have not yet made the jump to trying to sell anything, but I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit... country living makes it difficult to access some supplies... I am glad you are carrying more supplies for crewel! I read your blog regularly, just don’t always get to leave a comment! Your newest book is on my wish list.... Hopefully soon.

Shane Radcliffe said...

Sunflowers looks truly adorable actually i find a perfect way to complete my desire of make a farm which can be handy for me natural environment for my beautiful city.

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